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Fire Walk training

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Fearless to think about any idea in life.

In my 17 years of professional career, I have never come across an energetic training like Mitesh did today. Very engaging and 1000% participation. I feel fearless! Fearless to think about any idea in life.

Charu Ambekar
Manager Finance and Business Support - Decos Software

Helped create self-belief and generate excitement

For many of the 2400 people who came together in Lonavala for a week, the session conducted by Mitesh & Indu was the highlight.

Neeraj Garg
COO True Care - Abbott Labs

Success Through Collaboration

The highlight of the workshop was no power point slides and ability of Mitesh to keep the team highly energized and focussed during the entire program.

Suresh Ramachandran
DOW AgroSciences

Wonderful experience

It was a wonderful experience with the team. Lots and lots of energy and was fun. The Firewalk was an amazing experience for me since i did not believe that we could do it till it was over.

Suresh Krishnamachari
Associate VP Finance - Mylan Laboratories Limited

It is possible. It is easy.

It was a wonderful experience to participate in Mission Impossible – Fire Walking program. Our Self limiting beliefs & anxieties prevent us from fully realizing our potential. This program is extremely useful in overcoming the above.

V.V.S. Rama Rao
Vice President (HR) - Orient Cement

I will rate Mitesh’s workshop 5 on 5.

It’s a new division and we are building the team. We have lot people from different background, different culture and different value systems. It was important for us to have common goal, common objective, common philosophy and most important was great energy to achieve impossible task we set for ourselves. Mitesh’s workshop was instrumental in […]

Siddharth Kirtane
Sales & Marketing Head - Eicher Trucks (Volvo Group Trucks), India

You truly are one living example of a Great Team in action!

The amount of passion, Energy and commitment that you deliver your programs with is a rarely found attribute and I see your programs add wonderful Value .

Nupur Aggarwal
Head Learning & Development - Sandvik Asia Pvt. Ltd.

A phenomenal program

Huge positives throughout the event. Great flow of energy. And piece of  ‘Fire Walk’ was huge leap of faith and trust.

Vikash Choudaha
Senior Vice President - Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd

Well organised, relevant and energizing

The program was well organised, relevant and energizing. Our team thoroughly enjoyed it! 3 months down the line we shd have a short refresher! Best wishes for the endeavors of guiding light!

Mahesh Gopalsamudram
DOW Chemicals

Thank you…

After being part of the session, I am now feeling that I would have missed a good opportunity to learn something, which is very important in my life.

Tejas Rughani
Sr. Executive - Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

About Mitesh Khatri – Corporate trainer, Leadership Trainer & Motivational Speaker

Mitesh is one of the best corporate trainer, leadership trainer and motivational speaker of India. He is also founder of Guiding Light Consultants, an international training organisation.

Leadership trainer, Mitesh is famous for his expertise to create Transformation in only couple of hours of training. He does this through Experiential Training activities like Fire walk, Glass walk, Tile Breaking, Bar Bending, etc.

Mitesh has successfully trained 300,000+ Executives in 250+ multinational organizations world-wide on corporate training programs. His main corporate training programs are Leadership Training, Motivation talk, Key Note Speaking, High Energy Fire walk training.

What makes him unique is his ability to Coach Leaders & their Teams to create Measurable Results within 60 days?

Visible growth in sales, improvement in productivity, customer satisfaction, team motivation to achieve impossible Goals are the kind significant results Mitesh Khatri is well known for. Here are some of the Case Studies of Results testified by real Clients.

Mitesh Khatri is also a National Best Selling Author of books like ‘Awaken The leader In You’ & “The Law Of Attraction’. These books have transformed the lives of thousands of people. Leadership book has also received a  Testimonial by Marshal Goldsmith. You may read the review on this book at Amazon, Flipkart, LeadershipBook.

About Indu Agrawal Khatri

Indu Khatri is the co-founder of Guiding Light Consultants, leading corporate training company in India, and is the driving force & main inspiration for the extraordinary growth & customer satisfaction of our organization. Indu has more than 22 years of experience out of which she has 15 years of experience in the IT Industry. She stopped working for IT while she was a Sr. Manager in HSBC Technologies in 2007.

Since then Indu has helped GLC to grow at a 100% growth ratio every year with her extraordinary leadership qualities and business sense. Indu is the Principle Designer of all our corporate training programmes, coaching programmes & also a co-facilitator for all our High Impact Trainings like Firewalk.

All our clients have always complimented our partnership as a great advantage to creating extraordinary results for their employees. These are clearly reflected in their testimonials.

The reasons Mitesh Khatri & Indu Khatri have such raving testimonials from highly satisfied customers because they understand that customers don’t buy only Products & Services. We understand that customers buy Feelings & Solutions to their problems.