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Mitesh gave our organization a fresh perspective…

Mitesh gave our organization a fresh perspective on changing the we create emotions and positively influence others to do the same. facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Michael D'Alessio
Senior Vice President

It’s a new way of looking at the whole concept of training, the way these people conduct training is a very innovative way.

The experience has been excellent. First of all I can see that the team is far better connected now, they are talking to each other in a proper way…

Neena Kamal
GM HR and Admin - Aquapharm Chemical Pvt. Ltd.

This is the third time we are doing a workshop with him and every time its got better and better.

We did this amazing event with Mitesh Khatri today. We learnt about transformation as opposed to change and whatever we did today I am sure we are going to remember it for the rest of our lives.

Ravi Punjabi
Senior Manager at Capgemini FSSBU

Mitesh exceeded all our expectations.

The experience was he exceeded all our expectations. The enthusiasm and the energy level that I see, it’s been couple of hours that we have done this and I am already seeing a lot of optimism, a lot of positive energy and lot of belief that they can do wonders for themselves and for people […]

Sagar Kalpe
Director for Quinstreet India Pune

Nothing is impossible

The whole exercise made me believe that ‘nothing is impossible’. Fire Walk was the proof of ‘I am Possible’. facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Prabhu Bendre
KPIT Cummins

I will rate Mitesh’s workshop 5 on 5.

It’s a new division and we are building the team. We have lot people from different background, different culture and different value systems. It was important for us to have common goal, common objective, common philosophy and most important was great energy to achieve impossible task we set for ourselves. Mitesh’s workshop was instrumental in […]

Siddharth Kirtane
Sales & Marketing Head - Eicher Trucks (Volvo Group Trucks), India

It was fun learning experience.

It was a fun learning experience, especially the game that created awareness about trust and communication. facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Gaurav Suri
Managing Director

One of the BEST Leadership Development programs I have attended!

In my 27 years of GM career, this is one of the BEST Leadership Development programs I have attended! You were invigorating, highly motivating and concise in delivering the most needed development program in my organization.

Ravi Desai
Vice President - General Motors India

Really appreciate the way the program has been conducted

The objective has been successfully met. I think the way Mitesh created the program and conducted the program was very inspirational, was taking us through very nice concepts that have been brought about to us.

Nitin Kothari
Chief Executive Officer - Aquapharm Chemical Pvt. Ltd.

Innovation and ENERGY

Mitesh’s command over Behavioral training is unparalleled in the industry and he brings innovation and ENERGY (his key success mantra) to the table which is very infectious!

Rajiv Hingoo
CLSA India Limited

About Mitesh Khatri – Corporate trainer, Fire walk expert, Leadership Trainer

Mitesh Khatri is the co-founder of Guiding Light Consultants, an international Corporate Training Organization from India with a Mission to help Individuals Lead like Entrepreneurs and take full ownership in every area of their life. Leadership trainer, Mitesh Khatri is famous for his expertise to create Transformation in only couple of hour long training. He does this through experiential training activities like Fire walk, Glass walk, Tile Breaking, Bar Bending, etc. Mitesh has successfully trained more than 200,000 executives in more than 200+ multinational organizations world- wide on corporate training programmes like Leadership Training, Motivation talk, Key Note Speaking, High Energy Fire walk training, Bar Bending, etc.

Guiding Light Consultants, top corporate training company, has successfully trained more than 200,000 executives in more than 200+ organizations world-wide on corporate training programmes like Leadership Training, Motivation Key Note Speaking, High Energy Firewalk, Team Building, & Customized Corporate Training programmes

When the world’s top organizations needed to inspire leadership & motivate their employees in record breaking 4-8 hours only, they called upon Mitesh Khatri.

Mitesh is very well known for conducting high energy workshop, through his experiential learning programs he has transformed people. Mitesh helps participants unleash their potential and grow beyond their limitations.

Mitesh Khatri’s best selling leadership book, ‘Awaken The leader In You’, has transformed many readers and got him lot of praises. The book is practical book and reader can start becoming great leader from day 1. You may read the review on this book at Amazon, Flipkart, LeadershipBook.

About Indu Agrawal Khatri

Indu Khatri is the co-founder of Guiding Light Consultants, leading corporate training company in India, and is the driving force & main inspiration for the extraordinary growth & customer satisfaction of our organization. Indu has more than 22 years of experience out of which she has 15 years of experience in the IT Industry. She stopped working for IT while she was a Sr. Manager in HSBC Technologies in 2007.

Since then Indu has helped GLC to grow at a 100% growth ratio every year with her extraordinary leadership qualities and business sense. Indu is the Principle Designer of all our corporate training programmes, coaching programmes & also a co-facilitator for all our High Impact Trainings like Firewalk.

All our clients have always complimented our partnership as a great advantage to creating extraordinary results for their employees. These are clearly reflected in their testimonials.

The reasons Mitesh Khatri & Indu Khatri have such raving testimonials from highly satisfied customers because they understand that customers don’t buy only Products & Services. We understand that customers buy Feelings & Solutions to their problems.

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