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Firewalk session allows people to Belief in the Impossible and Achieve Extraordinary Goals.


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Fire Walk training

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Fire walk Training Testimonial

One of the BEST Leadership Development programs I have attended!

My team enjoyed the two days and received most appropriate development input from you. In my 27 years of GM career, this is one of the BEST Leadership Development programs I have attended!

Ravi Desai
General Motors India

Really appreciate the way the program has been conducted

The objective has been successfully met. I think the way Mitesh created the program and conducted the program was very inspirational, was taking us through very nice concepts that have been brought about to us.

Nitin Kothari
Chief Executive Officer - Aquapharm Chemical Pvt. Ltd.

The program has been very inspiring and eye opening

The program has been very inspiring and eye opening. It has helped me to believe more and more in myself and also helped me to believe in others through the system. You both have been very humble, kind and energetic to have made this happen so beautifully. Hats off to you guys.

Ashish Jhaver
Royal Bank of Scotland

Great motivation training, very good leadership…

Allow understanding and great grasp of why we need to be a team.

Dany Peter
President at L&L Products

Mitesh gave our organization a fresh perspective…

Mitesh gave our organization a fresh perspective on changing the we create emotions and positively influence others to do the same.

Michael D'Alessio
Senior Vice President

All your events were packed with true messages relevant to our daily lives.

Thanks for an exciting afternoon of 3 hours. It was impactful, fun and all your events were packed with true messages relevant to our daily lives. I wish you all the best and hope to cross paths again.

Susanto Banerjee
Executive Director - Mylan Laboratories Limited

Very good execution of the program.

It’s been a very good ‘WOW’ workshop, which has helped me and my team to get specific feedback on our behavior and also introspect.

Arup Ray
GlaxoSmithKline, Kolkata

Fantastic Program

All inhibitions are down. Very practical and helpful for daily activities.

Parvin D V
Vice President - Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co.Ltd.

It is possible. It is easy.

It was a wonderful experience to participate in Mission Impossible – Fire Walking program. Our Self limiting beliefs & anxieties prevent us from fully realizing our potential. This program is extremely useful in overcoming the above.

V.V.S. Rama Rao
Vice President (HR) - Orient Cement

We have begun this journey with you and I see there will be many more opportunities for us to keep this going on.

When we signed up with you, I was sure we will have a good session as the audience was an around the globe one, I wanted them to have a flavour of an INDIAN motivational speaker.

Nitin Mehta
Country Head, L & L Products

Fire walk & Glass walk Training for Piramal Health Care:

The Goal:

Through Fire Walk training the goal was to create very high energy and confidence for more than 3500 sales executives. They needed complete belief in their ambitious targets. Through Fire walk (and Glass Walk Training next year) by Mitesh Khatri, we achieved this goal, at the end of the training employees could believe that they can achieve everything in their life.

The Problem:

Team was not prepared for the ambitious targets, they were resisting the numbers.

Our Solution:

True Care unit is one of biggest verticals of Piramal health care, they had set very high targets for their team for FY 2009-10. During their yearly meet they had called us to create belief in team for new targets. With the help of power talk and experiential activity FireWalk we motivated the sales team of 3000+ and made them believe that the targets are achievable.

Next year same team went through our next level motivational training through Broken Glass Walk activity.

Key Results of Firewalk and Glasswalk:

  • Increased performance.
  • Higher self esteem.
  • Incredible self confidence.
  • Long lasting impact.
  • Moral boost.

Client’s feedback:

Boosting the energy of 3000+ employees was really amazing resulting to which we have achieved our goals for two consecutive years.


Fire walk and Glass Walk by Mitesh Khatri makes participants believe nothing means nothing is impossible, they can achieve anything and everything in life. Through these intensive Fire walk and Glass walk training sessions self realization, belief and confidence is created, which is must to achieve substantially big goals.

How about giving life time experience to your team by making them walk on burning fire bed or broken glass pieces? Click here to read more details about our Fire Walk and Glass Walk exercise.

Fire walk by Mitesh

Fire walk by Mitesh Khatri

Broken Glass Walk

Broken Glass Walk by Mitesh Khatri