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Intervention conducted for HR team of Tieto India.



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HR Team Transformation Training for Tieto HR Team:

The Goal of the Training:

The objective of our workshop was to transform Tieto India HR into a high performing & vibrant team based on responsiveness, customer centricity & partnering with customer.

Our Solution:

Mitesh Khatri and team worked with the staff and understood the depth of the issue. On discussion it was understood that the staff needed to create vision and mission for their team. They needed to build relationship with their customers (internal as well as external). We conducted a highly powerful and impactful intervention session for the team, which has created brilliant results for the team and organization.

Key Results of the training:

  • Customer acknowledged the intensity and standard of services offered by Team HR has improved however customer expectation from the team has risen to next level.
  • Managed to successfully impact customer business by offering high impact learning solutions.
  • Individuals in the team started to contribute towards Team HR’s success with enhanced service attitude and sense of purpose.
  • Multiple projects were initiated and taken forward by members from different process areas within HR..
  • We were able to implement HR Scorecard by aligning and focusing HR efforts towards implementing Tieto’s operating plan.

Client’s feedback for the training:

While the workshop has positively impacted the overall performance of the team HR, it has also sensitized individual team members the importance of partnering with customer. Workshop has transformed the team from a support function to an enabling function.

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