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The workshop provided key account managers a structured and scientific approach to building stronger relationships.




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We look forward to engaging in future

Mitesh has run various successful behavioral programmes for our teams. all attended Mitesh’s session have a very positive input on the impact he has on them as individuals.

Lynette Dsilva
Director HR - Amdocs Development Centre India

A phenomenal program

Huge positives throughout the event. Great flow of energy. And piece of  ‘Fire Walk’ was huge leap of faith and trust.

Vikash Choudaha
Senior Vice President - Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd

Mitesh gave our organization a fresh perspective…

Mitesh gave our organization a fresh perspective on changing the we create emotions and positively influence others to do the same.

Michael D'Alessio
Senior Vice President

Wonderful sustainable learning, well worth the investment.

Mitesh is an engaging and amazing trainer. He drew out the best in our team and placed them on a platform that will help them to believe in themselves and succeed.

Very practical and dramatic impact

Exhilarating to know for myself about my capabilities to ‘bend the iron bar’ and ‘walk on the fire’ in all that I can do for my personal and professional goals to be achieved. Very practical and dramatic impact.

Praveen Acharya
KPIT Cummins

Created long lasting impact

You were able to create a high energy environment and created long lasting impact on all Truecareans especially the sales force.

Keshab Goswami
Piramal Health Care

Excellent program I have ever attended

Very simple techniques to understand and follow. Everybody was involved, comfortable and enjoyed learning Emotional Intelligence. Thank you very much.

Deepak Patankar
General Manager Supply Chain - Hoganas India Pvt. Ltd.

Both the talk and the actual firewalk were something which i shall never forget.

It was a wonderful experience to participate in this seminar. Both the talk and the actual firewalk were something which i shall never forget. It would do world of good to the young executives to attend Mr. Khatri’s talk. God bless you and wish you many more success.

M. V. Srinivasan
Chairman - Barsyl

My team is able to bring down the net loss level

Thank you very much for your enthusiastic mails. I would like to write that by implementing the leadership principles, I am able to maintain the energy level always in me and my team and improve creativity and ownership in the team. My team is able to bring down the net loss level from 0.91% to […]

S. Ramamoorthi.
Works Manager - Sambhalpur Plant of Visaka Industries

Emotional Intelligence workshop very well conducted

Workshop very well conducted and succeeded in achieving the objective of communicating the meaning/purpose/use of Emotional Intelligence in ones life. Point very well conveyed and I am sure of positive transformation taking place among the team.

Uday Bendre
General Manager Projects - Hoganas India Pvt. Ltd.

Key Account Management Corporate Training :

The Goal:

Create and deepen relationship with key clients and their stakeholders.

The Problem:

The key account managers had weak /transactional type relationship with their clients.

Our Solution:

Day long client relationship building workshop was conducted for all key account managers. In this workshop we have focused on creating and building rapport with client through meetings, phone calls and emails. Team also learn to understand and deal with clients as per clients values and not as per their own values. They learn to relate to the clients from clients values.

Key Results of this Training program of Sales team:

  •  All members of team created miraculous results in just couple of days after our workshop.

  •  They developed higher confidence levels with their clients and converted stuck deals / bagged huge orders from their clients.

  • Entire team learned to energise themselves before meeting/dealing with clients.

  • Team learned to identify values of their clients/peers through basic observations.

  • Team practiced rapport building and mastered rapport building with their clients in just couple of minutes.

Client’s feedback:

The workshop provided key account managers a structured and scientific approach to building stronger relationships.

The positive results and ease of achieving the stated goals of a meeting in their first couple of attempts convinced even the most experienced sales people of the effectiveness of this approach.
Thank you Mitesh and Indu for your high level of involvement and commitment to this workshop.  It has definitely provided the necessary impetus to Interio KAM team in their efforts to deepen and strengthen the relationship with their Key Accounts.

Wishing that your firm becomes the “BRIGHTEST” Guiding Light in the Industry.


Key Account Management training conducted  by Mitesh Khatri equips participants to build rapport and relationship with their esteemed clients in just few minutes,

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