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Team transformation conducted for new unit of DAS.

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Best program that i have attended in my career of 40 years

Mitesh & Indu, excellent experiential learning very closely related to everyday experiences. The best program that i have attended in my career of 40 years. Thank you.

Gudipaty Subbarao
Royal Bank of Scotland

We would love to do more such activities with you.

It was good learning experience with fun filled activities.  Activities brought out the messages like Team building, planning and there was not a single dull moment.  We would love to do more such activities with you.

Urvashi Druv
Executive Director - SouthSide Healthcare Solutions

It was fun learning experience.

It was a fun learning experience, especially the game that created awareness about trust and communication.

Gaurav Suri
Managing Director

I will rate Mitesh’s workshop 5 on 5.

It’s a new division and we are building the team. We have lot people from different background, different culture and different value systems. It was important for us to have common goal, common objective, common philosophy and most important was great energy to achieve impossible task we set for ourselves. Mitesh’s workshop was instrumental in […]

Siddharth Kirtane
Sales & Marketing Head - Eicher Trucks (Volvo Group Trucks), India

My team is able to bring down the net loss level

Thank you very much for your enthusiastic mails. I would like to write that by implementing the leadership principles, I am able to maintain the energy level always in me and my team and improve creativity and ownership in the team. My team is able to bring down the net loss level from 0.91% to […]

S. Ramamoorthi.
Works Manager - Sambhalpur Plant of Visaka Industries

Mitesh exceeded all our expectations.

The experience was he exceeded all our expectations. The enthusiasm and the energy level that I see, it’s been couple of hours that we have done this and I am already seeing a lot of optimism, a lot of positive energy and lot of belief that they can do wonders for themselves and for people […]

Sagar Kalpe
Director for Quinstreet India Pune

I know, this is beginning…and moving forward lot more to do…

Today workshop was a memorable and value adding experience for all my team members. Many thanks for working on organization expectation and delivering the expected output.  I am sure that the imparted learning through today’s transformation workshop will surely (MUST) help to Team Symphony. 

Nitendra Patel - Associate Vice President – Human Resource
Symphony Limited

Really appreciate the way the program has been conducted

The objective has been successfully met. I think the way Mitesh created the program and conducted the program was very inspirational, was taking us through very nice concepts that have been brought about to us.

Nitin Kothari
Chief Executive Officer - Aquapharm Chemical Pvt. Ltd.

It’s a new way of looking at the whole concept of training, the way these people conduct training is a very innovative way.

The experience has been excellent. First of all I can see that the team is far better connected now, they are talking to each other in a proper way…

Neena Kamal
GM HR and Admin - Aquapharm Chemical Pvt. Ltd.

Really charged us up…

Really charged us up, got us ready for the task. Great preamble, delivered authentically.

Ashok Korwar
Management Consultant - Growth Catalyst

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Siddharth – Head of Sales & Marketing

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Nitin Kothari – CEO – Aquapharm

Harish Katharani – Owner of SSRX

Vamsi Krishna – MD – Visaka Industries

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Ashutosh Shirodkar – VP – 3M India Ltd.

Saigal Brothers – Directors

Sagar Halbe – Sr. Director -QuinStreet

Team Building Training – DOW Agro Sciences

The Objectives of Team Building Training:

  • Understanding start-up environment.
  • Coming together as a team in start-up.

Our Solution:

Mitesh Khatri and team worked with the leader of the team and understood the issues in depth. Later designed a 2 days long thought provoking team building training session, where team went through lot of emotions, did many group works, identified issues and they themselves identified solutions for those issues. As a result they created an amazing bond with each other. At the end of this training group was completely transformed and was ready for creating results.

Key Results of Team Transformation Training:

  • Team got more focused after this training.
  • Understood the need for working as one team.
  • The team was able to handle common issues post our session with more zeal & ownership rather than thinking on a functional basis. Also there seems to be genuine appreciation & respect for each individual within the team. This has immensely helped our start-up business to get desired results for eg. We had large scale demonstrations given to the farmers. To make the product more visible at the market place there was short window of opportunity wherein all the functions came together to make it happen. As a result of which we have been able to expose our product to a sizable potential customer >80 K.

Client’s feedback on this team building training:

It was one of the most thought provoking workshop that i have gone through along with the team. All the basic elements came together in unison through your informal but very powerful approach that had all the potential to open the window of change. Most of us went back to our home thinking about the small but effective changes that we would bring in to operate as a successful team. Thank you for getting us there.