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Team transformation conducted for new unit of DAS.



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Team Building Training – DOW Agro Sciences

The Objectives of Team Building Training:

  • Understanding start-up environment.
  • Coming together as a team in start-up.

Our Solution:

Mitesh Khatri and team worked with the leader of the team and understood the issues in depth. Later designed a 2 days long thought provoking team building training session, where team went through lot of emotions, did many group works, identified issues and they themselves identified solutions for those issues. As a result they created an amazing bond with each other. At the end of this training group was completely transformed and was ready for creating results.

Key Results of Team Transformation Training:

  • Team got more focused after this training.
  • Understood the need for working as one team.
  • The team was able to handle common issues post our session with more zeal & ownership rather than thinking on a functional basis. Also there seems to be genuine appreciation & respect for each individual within the team. This has immensely helped our start-up business to get desired results for eg. We had large scale demonstrations given to the farmers. To make the product more visible at the market place there was short window of opportunity wherein all the functions came together to make it happen. As a result of which we have been able to expose our product to a sizable potential customer >80 K.

Client’s feedback on this team building training:

It was one of the most thought provoking workshop that i have gone through along with the team. All the basic elements came together in unison through your informal but very powerful approach that had all the potential to open the window of change. Most of us went back to our home thinking about the small but effective changes that we would bring in to operate as a successful team. Thank you for getting us there.


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