Team Intervention for Quality Improvement

After implementation of the technique taught in our training program, the development unit has launched several successful products.


Leadership Intervention

Glass Walk Training

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Mitesh has been a good friend as well as a good facilitator. While at Kanbay, I remember the day when i first met him and he was very positive during the meeting and sounded very committed to his thinking and vision…

Anup Malvia
Cap Gemini

Self belief, conviction, trust and team work

You have given us all a wonderful experience of self belief, conviction, trust and team work. Your passion plus energy surely is contagious and need of the hour today. Good job. We look forward to meeting again soon.

Pawan Sharma
KPIT Cummins

We would love to do more such activities with you.

It was good learning experience with fun filled activities.  Activities brought out the messages like Team building, planning and there was not a single dull moment.  We would love to do more such activities with you.

Urvashi Druv
Executive Director - SouthSide Healthcare Solutions

Success Through Collaboration

The highlight of the workshop was no power point slides and ability of Mitesh to keep the team highly energized and focussed during the entire program.

Suresh Ramachandran
DOW AgroSciences

I am moved yet again…

I am grateful for the massive enablement and empowerment to the practice today. Thanks to you for connecting each individual in the team with the presence of positive innate infinite potential (GOD) within them. I am moved yet again…

Rakshit Bharadwaj
AVP & Practice Head - Persistent System Ltd.

It’s a new way of looking at the whole concept of training, the way these people conduct training is a very innovative way.

The experience has been excellent. First of all I can see that the team is far better connected now, they are talking to each other in a proper way…

Neena Kamal
GM HR and Admin - Aquapharm Chemical Pvt. Ltd.

Excellent session

Excellent session! high on energy, purpose and team-building. Great way for us to begin the offsite!

Ravi Pandit
Chairman & Group CEO - KPIT Cummins

All your events were packed with true messages relevant to our daily lives.

Thanks for an exciting afternoon of 3 hours. It was impactful, fun and all your events were packed with true messages relevant to our daily lives. I wish you all the best and hope to cross paths again.

Susanto Banerjee
Executive Director - Mylan Laboratories Limited

Helped create self-belief and generate excitement

For many of the 2400 people who came together in Lonavala for a week, the session conducted by Mitesh & Indu was the highlight.

Neeraj Garg
COO True Care - Abbott Labs

Great motivation training, very good leadership…

Allow understanding and great grasp of why we need to be a team.

Dany Peter
President at L&L Products

Team Intervention Training – Improving Quality for R-Systems (RSIL)

The Goal of Team Intervention Training:

Team intervention training – Improving upon team productivity to deliver bug free products. Team was facing huge challenge as every delivery was going with couple of bugs and client was looking for bug free delivery, which was nowhere visible.

The Problem, which was solved through Team Intervention Training:

One of the development units of client was facing problem in the area of quality of the product. The development unit was developing products for financial institutes where scope of error was extremely low. How much ever hard the team was trying they were not able to deliver the error free products.

Our Solution through team intervention training:

Our team delivered a 2 day long team intervention training program and suggested them few techniques, which they could implement in the team. After implementation of the technique taught in our corporate training program, the development unit has launched several successful products, has broke all their records and delivered error free products continuously for many times.

Key Results of team intervention training conducted:

  • Increased performance/efficiency of team.
  • Improved product quality.
  • Rework iterations are minimized drastically.
  • Long lasting impact on team.
  • Development unit launched several product with high quality ratio.


Analysis of exact problem areas and relevant training solutions always helps employees to overcome the hurdles in their productivity.

Client’s feedback:

Client is completely satisfied with the association of corporate trainer Mitesh Khatri and his specially designed team intervention raining solutions. Client has been observing the improved quality in each product delivery of business critical domain.


Team intervention Training Game

Team intervention Training Game