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Team Transformation Workshop

The Goal:

The goal was to Energize, Align and Commit to organizational objective ‘ One Hexagon One Goal’.

The Problem:

Fatigue and Fragmented staff.

Our Solution:

Day long team transformation workshop, where team went through our signature module ‘Employee vs  Entrepreneur’, the entire organization committed to take full ownership and be an entrepreneur .

Key Results of day long Transformation Workshop:

  • Entire organization got  Re-energized.
  • Entire organization developed incredible self confidence and self esteem.
  • Entire organization got aligned and committed to organizational objective.
  • Productivity went up by 30%.
  • Over 80% of team members are consistently exceeding their goals.

Client’s feedback:

Mitesh is simply incredible. He is one of the best coaches I’ve seen – passionate, has integrity and is the kind of leader people naturally want to emulate. Mitesh came in worked with a bunch of fatigued and fragmented staff and within the course of just one day, he re-energized the team, got everyone aligned and committed to our objective of creating ‘One Hexagon, One Goal’. He worked to create a lot of entrepreneurial energy and the results are concrete. Here are some numbers to support this – Recruiter productivity is up by 30% and over 80% of team members are consistently exceeding their goals. Most importantly sense of ownership has shot up. His workshop is now our benchmark for future programs.

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