Team Transformation Training

Intervention conducted for HR team.

Leadership Intervention

Team Training – Tower Building

Fire walk for Tieto

Overall a difficult job very well done.

We invited Mitesh to conduct a Leadership and Change Management session as a precursor to a major organizational transformation.

Anshoo Gaur
President & Head - Amdocs Development Centre India

Excellent program I have ever attended

Very simple techniques to understand and follow. Everybody was involved, comfortable and enjoyed learning Emotional Intelligence. Thank you very much.

Deepak Patankar
General Manager Supply Chain - Hoganas India Pvt. Ltd.

Helped create self-belief and generate excitement

For many of the 2400 people who came together in Lonavala for a week, the session conducted by Mitesh & Indu was the highlight.

Neeraj Garg
COO True Care - Abbott Labs

Today was the memorable day of training on Emotional Intelligence

I am sure this is going to help us. You are excellent in delivering the punch words, which cannot be ignored and helpful.

Rajendra Sarangi
CFO & Company Secretary - Hoganas India Pvt. Ltd.

It’s a great pleasure to talk about experiences we had with Mitesh.

It’s a great pleasure to talk about experiences we had with Mitesh. We engaged Mitesh for a work where 2 teams were already performing and we wanted to take these teams to further higher levels. Mitesh started building energy of people, opening themselves, ensuring that they are in state of mind where they are able […]

Rajendra Dhandhukia
President Sales & Marketing – Abbott Healthcare

Walk on fire was like walking on grass

I attended only 1 exercise, i had heard of it. Walk on fire was like walking on grass – that’s the belief generated by this fire walk exercise. Thanks Mitesh and Indu.

Deepak Garg
CEO - Sany Heavy Industry India Pvt Ltd.

A life time experience

It gave courage to reinvent life, even after 60+ years. Country and human race above all, needs to reinvent conviction/courage to develop positive outlook towards life. Thanks for taking us through new excited part of journey of life.

Gyan Prakash
Director General - Institute of Metro & Rail Technology

We have got No.1 RATING in the Fibre Counting among across the World Participants.

Thank you for given a wonderful training and Periodically follow it up to make ourselves alive in connexions with that Training. We have successfully implemented the positive ideas and we have reduced our Rejections % to below 1%. We have got No.1 RATING in the Fibre Counting among across the World Participants. We have taken […]

Muthu Rakkappan
Works Manager - Paramathi - Visaka Industries

The program has been very inspiring and eye opening

The program has been very inspiring and eye opening. It has helped me to believe more and more in myself and also helped me to believe in others through the system. You both have been very humble, kind and energetic to have made this happen so beautifully. Hats off to you guys.

Ashish Jhaver
Royal Bank of Scotland

Success Through Collaboration

The highlight of the workshop was no power point slides and ability of Mitesh to keep the team highly energized and focussed during the entire program.

Suresh Ramachandran
DOW AgroSciences

Team Transformation Workshop

The Goal of Team Transformation Training:

Team transformation workshop was designed to Energize, Align and Commit to organizational objective ‘ One Hexagon One Goal’.

The Problem addressed in this corporate training:

Fatigue and Fragmented staff. Team was highly tired because of high pressure and high expectation job. They needed to re-energised,

Our Solution:

Day long team transformation workshop, where team went through our signature module ‘Employee vs Entrepreneur’, the entire organization committed to take full ownership and be an entrepreneur .

Key Results of day long Team Transformation Workshop:

  • Entire organization got  Re-energized.
  • Entire organization developed incredible self confidence and self esteem.
  • Entire organization got aligned and committed to organizational objective.
  • Productivity went up by 30%.
  • Over 80% of team members are consistently exceeding their goals.

Client’s feedback on this team transformation workshop:

Mitesh is simply incredible. He is one of the best coaches I’ve seen – passionate, has integrity and is the kind of leader people naturally want to emulate. Mitesh came in worked with a bunch of fatigued and fragmented staff and within the course of just one day, he re-energized the team, got everyone aligned and committed to our objective of creating ‘One Hexagon, One Goal’. He worked to create a lot of entrepreneurial energy and the results are concrete. Here are some numbers to support this – Recruiter productivity is up by 30% and over 80% of team members are consistently exceeding their goals. Most importantly sense of ownership has shot up. His workshop is now our benchmark for future programs.

Team Transformation Training

Team Transformation Training