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Innovation and ENERGY

Mitesh’s command over Behavioral training is unparalleled in the industry and he brings innovation and ENERGY (his key success mantra) to the table which is very infectious!

Rajiv Hingoo
CLSA India Limited

Thank you so much for the great workshop. Mitesh did the magic on both the days.

Thank you so much for the great workshop. Mitesh did the magic on both the days.  The Advanta team felt that the workshop was very inspiring, energizing  and enjoyable, the content and the design was very apt and met our objectives. Especially the trust activity and firewalk was something that the team kept talking on […]

Gopikrishna Maddi
UPL - HR Business Partner – India

Personalized approach

Mitesh demonstrates a high level of self belief, confidence and integrity in all his dealings and with the people he deals with. He manages his time very efficiently and is a good learning vendor to partner to work with.

Ram W

Great learning’s and experience

Great learning’s and experience. I think this joint team building exercise will go a long way in developing an environment of cohesiveness and trust among each others. facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Advait Majumdar
Axis Bank

A phenomenal program

Huge positives throughout the event. Great flow of energy. And piece of  ‘Fire Walk’ was huge leap of faith and trust. facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Vikash Choudaha
Senior Vice President - Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd

Success Through Collaboration

The highlight of the workshop was no power point slides and ability of Mitesh to keep the team highly energized and focussed during the entire program.

Suresh Ramachandran
DOW AgroSciences

Emotional Intelligence workshop very well conducted

Workshop very well conducted and succeeded in achieving the objective of communicating the meaning/purpose/use of Emotional Intelligence in ones life. Point very well conveyed and I am sure of positive transformation taking place among the team. facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Uday Bendre
General Manager Projects - Hoganas India Pvt. Ltd.

Excellent program I have ever attended

Very simple techniques to understand and follow. Everybody was involved, comfortable and enjoyed learning Emotional Intelligence. Thank you very much. facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Deepak Patankar
General Manager Supply Chain - Hoganas India Pvt. Ltd.

Great motivation training, very good leadership…

Allow understanding and great grasp of why we need to be a team.

Dany Peter
President at L&L Products

You truly are one living example of a Great Team in action!

The amount of passion, Energy and commitment that you deliver your programs with is a rarely found attribute and I see your programs add wonderful Value .

Nupur Aggarwal
Head Learning & Development - Sandvik Asia Pvt. Ltd.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Mitesh Khatri, best corporate trainer from leading training organization brings you a very unique and practical Emotional Intelligence training course. Leading with Emotional intelligence has become very important for today’s corporate leaders. It is now proven that most corporate employees are high on Intelligent Quotient (IQ) but low on Emotional Quotient (EQ). Thus very few people who are high on EI are able to grow faster, create better results, become better team players, better leaders and manage good relationships in their career. In our Emotional intelligence training we give participants practical ways to become Emotionally stronger to take bigger responsibilities and handle pressure in any situation in the corporate world. You will see a significant difference in people immediately after this training program.

Objectives of the Emotional Intelligence training course

  • Understand Emotional Intelligence competency framework.
  • Assess and understand current Emotional Intelligence level.
  • Understand technique for being highly positive and energetic.
  • Understand how emotions can influence thoughts, goals, relationships, decision making ability, etc.
  • Undertsand importance of high expectations and pressure and how to go through it.
  • Understand how to be emotionally strong person, who can handle emotions.
  • Understand how to be a responsible person, who do not beleive in blame/complain.
  • Understand techniques to develop your emotional intelligence on the job.
  • Understand how to be a good communicator, who listens, appreciates, sets expectations and motivates.
  • Develop ability to understand, empathize and care for people.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence is the key strength Mitesh Khatri, leading corporate trainer in Pune has. His practical methods and techniques helps this difficult topic very easy to learn and implement. Management team will understand their current level of emotional intelligence and how to develop it further high so that they can lead effectively.

Key benefits of leading with Emotional Intelligence…

  • Leaders with Emotional Intelligence are able to recognize their emotional state and feelings.
  • Emotionally intelligent leaders are able to communicate assertively and clearly.
  • Leaders with Emotional Intelligence are good at conflict resolution.
  • They are good at customer service.
  • Emotional intelligent leaders build excellent and cohesive teams.
  • EI Leaders are good at managing relationship at work as well as at home.

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