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A complete Leader is the one who can Lead Self, Lead People and Lead Business at the same time.



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Mitesh is simply incredible.

Mitesh came in worked with a bunch of fatigued and fragmented staff and within the course of just one day, he re-energized the team, got everyone aligned and committed to our objective of creating ‘One Hexagon, One Goal’.

Prashant Shringarpure
Founder & CEO - Hexagon Executive Search Pvt. Ltd.

Overall a difficult job very well done.

We invited Mitesh to conduct a Leadership and Change Management session as a precursor to a major organizational transformation.

Anshoo Gaur
President & Head - Amdocs Development Centre India

Great motivation training, very good leadership…

Allow understanding and great grasp of why we need to be a team.

Dany Peter
President at L&L Products

Mitesh exceeded all our expectations.

The experience was he exceeded all our expectations. The enthusiasm and the energy level that I see, it’s been couple of hours that we have done this and I am already seeing a lot of optimism, a lot of positive energy and lot of belief that they can do wonders for themselves and for people […]

Sagar Kalpe
Director for Quinstreet India Pune

It’s a new way of looking at the whole concept of training, the way these people conduct training is a very innovative way.

The experience has been excellent. First of all I can see that the team is far better connected now, they are talking to each other in a proper way…

Neena Kamal
GM HR and Admin - Aquapharm Chemical Pvt. Ltd.

A must for anyone exploring to transform…

Great energy, excellent session, kept the energy up. A must for anyone exploring to transform themselves or their teams.

Mritunjay Singh
COO-Persistent System Ltd.

Thank you…

After being part of the session, I am now feeling that I would have missed a good opportunity to learn something, which is very important in my life.

Tejas Rughani
Sr. Executive - Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

We look forward to engaging in future

Mitesh has run various successful behavioral programmes for our teams. all attended Mitesh’s session have a very positive input on the impact he has on them as individuals.

Lynette Dsilva
Director HR - Amdocs Development Centre India

Very good execution of the program.

It’s been a very good ‘WOW’ workshop, which has helped me and my team to get specific feedback on our behavior and also introspect.

Arup Ray
GlaxoSmithKline, Kolkata

Really charged us up…

Really charged us up, got us ready for the task. Great preamble, delivered authentically.

Ashok Korwar
Management Consultant - Growth Catalyst

Leadership Training – Practical & Easy to Implement

Pune based Leadership Trainer Mitesh Khatri delivers one of India’s most practical Leadership Development Training focusing on all 3 Levels. Self Leadership training, People Leadership training and Business Leadership training. Each level helps individuals and organizations achieve extraordinary results in their personal and professional life both. Here is a brief of what is covered in each of these 3 levels of leadership:

Level 1 Self Leadership Training – Only a person with a strong Self Esteem can be a strong leader thus we call Level 1 as the foundation of leadership. This is where we help your employees become great leaders with qualities like Accountability, Ownership, Integrity, Responsibility Self Motivation, Self Belief, Leadership Values, Emotional Intelligence and Personal Productivity. This is the baseline of Leadership Development Program.

Participants completing the Level 1 – Self Leadership Training, will instantly become great assets for your organization. The best part is that employees will not work like employees anymore, they will work like Entrepreneurs having a strong sense of Ownership towards their organization. Once this level is complete your leaders are now ready to transform to the next level…

Level 2 People Leadership Training – This is the 2nd Level required for Team Leaders, Middle Managers, Senior Managers and Top Management positions who constantly need to lead and inspire people in their team. This is where we equip leaders with extraordinary People management Skills, Performance management Skills, Different Leadership Styles, Feedback Skills, Trust Building, Influencing Skills and even Training Skills to develop great leaders in their teams.

Participants completing the Level 2 – People Leadership Training will instantly start getting positive feedback from their team members, they will be able to increase performance in their teams, manage conflicts like experts, give feedback in a way that inspires people and best of all influence team members to achieve unimaginable results. As leaders grow from this level they move towards transforming to the 3rd level…

Level 3 Business Leadership Training – This is highest level of leadership required for Senior Managers and Top Management who are responsible for increasing business profits for the organization. This is where we equip leaders with qualities like Visioning & Missioning, Strategic Decision Making, Process  & Systems Management, Productivity for Profits Management and Innovation Skills.

Participants completing the Level 3 – Business Leadership Training will be able to think big, bigger than ever before and strategically take their organization to great heights. The best part is that all our leadership trainings are custom designed to meet the exact needs of your organization and your leaders.

Leadership Training by Mitesh Khatri

Leadership Training by Mitesh Khatri, Pune

Objectives of the Leadership Skills Training course…

  • How to be a Appreciative Leader?
  • How to manage High Expectations and High Pressure?
  • Redefine Leadership as per new age.
  • How to set and maintain high Leadership Standards?
  • How to be a Charismatic Leader?
  • How to create Vision & Mission for team/organization?
  • How to create new belief especially when nobody is believing in their vision?
  • How to be an Emotionally Intelligent Leader?
  • What is Law of Attraction and how to apply Law of Attraction at work?
  • How to make right decisions?
  • What are Values and Ethics? How to realign Values and Ethics?
  • How to Influence? Different Influencing Styles.
  • Strategic Leadership.
  • How to build Great Teams?
  • How to be a Great Communicator? Different communication styles.
  • How to Manage Conflicts effectively and efficiently?

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