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Fire walk Training Testimonial

Mitesh exceeded all our expectations.

The experience was he exceeded all our expectations. The enthusiasm and the energy level that I see, it’s been couple of hours that we have done this and I am already seeing a lot of optimism, a lot of positive energy and lot of belief that they can do wonders for themselves and for people […]

Sagar Kalpe
Director for Quinstreet India Pune

Walk on fire was like walking on grass

I attended only 1 exercise, i had heard of it. Walk on fire was like walking on grass – that’s the belief generated by this fire walk exercise. Thanks Mitesh and Indu.

Deepak Garg
CEO - Sany Heavy Industry India Pvt Ltd.

The program has been very inspiring and eye opening

The program has been very inspiring and eye opening. It has helped me to believe more and more in myself and also helped me to believe in others through the system. You both have been very humble, kind and energetic to have made this happen so beautifully. Hats off to you guys.

Ashish Jhaver
Royal Bank of Scotland

Customer acknowledged the intensity and standard of services offered by Team HR has improved.

While the workshop has positively impacted the overall performance of the team HR, it has also sensitized individual team members the importance of partnering with customer.

One of the BEST Leadership Development programs I have attended!

In my 27 years of GM career, this is one of the BEST Leadership Development programs I have attended! You were invigorating, highly motivating and concise in delivering the most needed development program in my organization.

Ravi Desai
Vice President - General Motors India

Made all of us get together in achieving the best through Team Work

This program is so refreshing that helped dissolve all inhibitions and made all of us get together in achieving the best through Team Work. We look forward to have such meaningful interactions that help release inner energy.

Kishore Babu
Axis Bank

We have begun this journey with you and I see there will be many more opportunities for us to keep this going on.

When we signed up with you, I was sure we will have a good session as the audience was an around the globe one, I wanted them to have a flavour of an INDIAN motivational speaker.

Nitin Mehta
Country Head, L & L Products

Very good execution of the program.

It’s been a very good ‘WOW’ workshop, which has helped me and my team to get specific feedback on our behavior and also introspect.

Arup Ray
GlaxoSmithKline, Kolkata

Really appreciate the way the program has been conducted

The objective has been successfully met. I think the way Mitesh created the program and conducted the program was very inspirational, was taking us through very nice concepts that have been brought about to us.

Nitin Kothari
Chief Executive Officer - Aquapharm Chemical Pvt. Ltd.

It was an eye opener…

It was an eye opener on how we perform professionally. Initially thought it would be a boring classroom session but was completely hit by each and every activity when unfolded. certain personal problems have got answers through this session today.

Kshama Handa
Head HR - Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co.Ltd.

Motivational Training by Motivational Speaker Mitesh

If answer to any of following question is ‘No’…

  • Are your employees motivated?
  • Are your employees aligned with organizational goals?
  • Are your employees passionate about their work?
  • Are your employees meeting sales numbers?
  • Are your employees believing in sales targets?
  • Are your employees willingly agreeing to ambitious numbers?
  • Are your employees performing like Rockstar?
  • Are your employees energised and ready to face daily challenges?
  • Are your employees highly productive and efficient?

Then, Our Motivational speaker or Key note speaker help you get the best performance out of your team, by offering you our power packed  ‘Motivational Training’.

Results you can expect from Mitesh Khatri’s Motivational Speech…

  • Highly Motivated and energised employees.
  • Participants will be ready handle pressure willingly.
  • Participants will build ‘Bring it On’ attitude for every challenge.
  • Participants will be aligned with organizational goals and laser focused.
  • Participants will be passionate about their work.
  • Participants exceeding their targets and ready to set highly ambitious targets.
  • Particiapants are highly efficient and super productive.
  • Self belief of all employees will go sky high, they are ready to achieve impossible.
  • Participants will be completely ready for new challenges and new targets or change at work.

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Motivational Speaker Mitesh Khatri’s delivery style and conversations are completely unique, fun oriented, powerful, activity based, which leaves long lasting impact on participants. Key note speaker Mitesh Khatri is amazing in inspiring & delivering warm encouraging messages  with conviction, he has brilliant track record of effective motivational training, which makes a positive difference to the corporate executives, management teams. He is one of top motivational speakers in India. His energy is contagious and leaves participants highly energised.

Motivational speech (key note speech) includes high experiential activities like Fire Walk Training, Glass Walk Training, Bar Bending or Tile breaking. Leading corporate organizations like Kotak Life Insurance, IDBI Federal, Bank of India, HDFC Bank, Amdocs, Wipro, Tieto, Apollo, Abbott, Ranbaxy, Sun Pharma, Godrej, Syngenta, Bharathi Cement, 3M, Audi, BBC & Mckinsey & Co. invites motivational speaker Mitesh Khatri for transforming their teams through his Motivational Speech.

You can read here success stories of conducting Motivational training for teams.


Motivational speech followed by fire walk by motivational speaker Mitesh Khatri

Motivational speech followed by fire walk by motivational speaker Mitesh Khatri