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<h1>I’m grateful to Universe/ GOD for giving me some of the finest professional opportunity to me in the past and thank you GOD for that.As it was manifestation of my desire .</h1>
<h1>Due to act of GOD (Accident), (I didn’t have any control), become professionally sick to earn money, as per my ability, desires and resources given by Universe/ GOD, to me.</h1>
<h1>ABILITY does not have any Value or use ,  without right opportunity.</h1>
<h1>I am ASKING Universe/ GOD for giving me the OPPORTUNITY, to give VALUE to SME & Individuals to live with JOY, with financial stability, with my past experience, present ability and continuous improvements of ability</h1>
<h5>MAY I REQUEST, Mitesh, and group members to suggest, for the positive affirmation, visualization and any other thing I should do and take action.</h5>
<h1>To improve my money flow.</h1>
<h1>Thank you, Thank you, Thank you in advance.</h1>