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    Mitesh Khatri

    This topic is dedicated for questions only on Clarity – Lesson 1

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    Hi Mitesh

    Just want to clarify that I am writing affirmations since long time. Some of my things got completed but some did not, why it is so?

    Secondly I m working on a  biz venture in which I am from six years and only getting little money while in the same time people made a lot of money in same period in that venture.

    Yes  I accept that FTBA was not in sync but then also I got some money but not what I was writing

    Thirdly , how can   I define  this amount of action is required for this amount of money because sometimes there are situations that we want to work but can’t and we are not able to achieve what we want that month, but FTB are sync A is little bit less.

    Can u suggest what to do ?





    Mitesh Khatri

    Hi Mohini,

    Yes you can Manifest for getting married to this person. Start FTBA as if you already married to this person. Stop having all negative FTBA’s.

    Everyday wake up feeling happy and satisfied that you are already married to him, sleep everyday feeling happy and satisfied that you are already to him. Visualize being on a lovely honeymoon and just goto sleep with those thoughts.

    Now let go and let the Universe do Magic 🙂


    Mitesh Khatri

    Hi Chayanika,

    There are definitely negatively feelings you are going through during the day which are blocking your frequency. Continue your affirmations and live with FTBA as if you already have it.

    As you said, it is not in sync right now. Just live in your perfect zone, live like you have already attracted the goals you want. Now take Action in your best capacity and let go and let the Universe do its Magic.

    Many times you are not attracting because you are constantly worried, just that negativity and reinforce positive feelings like Satisfaction. Watch Lesson 2 on Feelings for details on how to do this.

    Hope this answers your question.


    Ratna Chakravorthy

    I did not go fb group so i could not understand how i do everything. please send me the link.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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