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    Mitesh Khatri

    This topic is dedicated for questions related to “How to use LOA for Attracting Money” So please make sure you post questions only related to Money in this topic. For questions related to other topics, post it in the relevant topic.

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    <h1>I’m grateful to Universe/ GOD for giving me some of the finest professional opportunity to me in the past and thank you GOD for that.As it was manifestation of my desire .</h1>
    <h1>Due to act of GOD (Accident), (I didn’t have any control), become professionally sick to earn money, as per my ability, desires and resources given by Universe/ GOD, to me.</h1>
    <h1>ABILITY does not have any Value or use ,  without right opportunity.</h1>
    <h1>I am ASKING Universe/ GOD for giving me the OPPORTUNITY, to give VALUE to SME & Individuals to live with JOY, with financial stability, with my past experience, present ability and continuous improvements of ability</h1>
    <h5>MAY I REQUEST, Mitesh, and group members to suggest, for the positive affirmation, visualization and any other thing I should do and take action.</h5>
    <h1>To improve my money flow.</h1>
    <h1>Thank you, Thank you, Thank you in advance.</h1>



    I am giving note to my Post in this reply>

    I am grateful to GOD/ Universe, for being Happy for no reason person till now, with money flow energy restriction.



    Mugdha Jambhekar

    presently I am working on a project called LRM with a group of professionals along with my current job. I know rather I am sure this project will entirely change my life in all the areas  but it required some extra efforts .presently I am enjoying all the benefits of this project but people around me see the change in me & inspire also but when I share the concept as they desired it the end result is not so good. what shall I exactly do to change the results.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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