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Learn to attract, Manage And Multiply Money!

Free Money Attraction Workshop By Mitesh Khatri

30 Days Wealth Challenge Transform Wealth Frequency

Remove Money Blocks.
Start Attracting Money from All Directions.
Change Mindset for Money.
Become Excellent Money Manager.
Increase Savings exponentially.
Become expert at investments and savings.
Build & Develop Multiple Sources of Income.

Before The Workshop

I have No idea why my income is stuck?
I don't know if I can increase my Income?
Is there anything called multiple sources of Income, I have no idea?
How can I develop multiple sources of
income with my current skills?
Are there real people who increased their income in short period of time?
What is Money frequency, I have no idea about it?
Can I use Law Of Attraction for changing money frequency?
I have no idea how money management can help me to grow my money?

After The Workshop

Now I know Exactly Why my income is stuck.
Now I know I can Increase my INCOME.
WOW! Now I know multiple sources of Income Exist and doable.
Now I know exactly what to do develop multiple sources of Income.
Wow! There are people who increased their source of income.
Now I know what is my current money Frequency.
Yes! Now I know LOA can help me change my money Frequency.
WOW! now I know money management is so important. I am going to start managing my money smartly.

More Success Stories

• Got 2 Lakh rupees Bonus.

• Salary increment 7%.

• Increased MSI from 2 to 6.

• Increased savings by 40%.

• Became an Author in 1 Month.

• Improved Relationship significantly at work as well as home.


• Before joining Major issue of Money & debts... 

 Within 1 month, I became Money Magnet.

• Got surprise money of 3 lakhs, when I really needed it.

• Consistently making Rs. 5 lakhs per month from my business.


• Within a month Got Promoted.

• 40% Increment.

• Guess what! My Husband also got promoted and 40% increment.


 Doubled my business after joining ALOA & Wealth Course.

• Getting huge potential high paying clients.

• Special Achievements - Won Gram Panchayat Election for Hanegave Family.

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• Increased savings by 7%.

• Successfully started coaching on Tibetan rites, EFT, LOA coaching. 

 After joining course I have created 6 Multiple Sources of Income.

• Learnt to manage money & pamper myself guilt free.

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• Every month I am saving 1 lakh rupees. This happened with the help of Wealth Mastery course.

 As a person internally I have become calm, confident, happy and respectful towards others.

• Best part is my Mom is noticing these changes in me.


About Indu & Mitesh Khatri

India's No. 1 Law Of Attraction Coach

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Spaces are limited! Reserve your spot now

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