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Imran Baig

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Indu & Mitesh Khatri

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“The Principle"

Became The Foundation Of  Who I Am Today

Facilitating transformation for 18 years and mentored lakhs of individuals from varied walks of lives to “Write A Life Of Their Choice”
Designed “Life Transforming” programs on “Handwriting Analysis & Grapho-Therapy” , “Health In Handwriting” and “Mastering Penmanship For Students”
Featured In Leading Publications Of the country sharing the lesser known facets of handwriting.
To his credit is the research of understanding the science behind choosing the right pen. Did you know the shape of your nails define the type of pen you must write with

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Thanks Imran ji for such an intense insight into health aspects in handwriting. I once again reiterate from an academicians point of view as to how a teacher or guru comes down to the level of student and delivers the learning. I can understand that from very close quarters. I still remember my English and Commerce Teacher from school days and my Finance Professor from MBA days. Now i will remember you too in that league for such a scientific delivery with so much ease for all of us. I am sure all of us will put in practice. Thanks a ton once again

Prof. Rishi Sharma

I would like to thank Imran Sir for having executed this program in a brilliant manner. It’s not just about teaching us the various traits that we can identify from handwriting but having wrapped up this entire course instilling the values of life to be a better person, to be a better individual. You also strengthen the philosophical thoughts of making a good choice – “you are the owner of your self”, “respecting yourself”, “ink your thoughts” and various other things.

Cynthia Chaturvedi

I Would Like To Thank Mr. Imran For Conducting Such An Interesting Session. My Kids Have Enjoyed Interacting With You & Have Learnt New Skills Of Writing...Heart Filled Appreciation For Conducting Such Workshops When Students Are Learning Digitally. This Will Not Only Improve Writing But Also To Learn Them In The Right Way Improve Their Mind Set Personality. I Would Surely Recommend This Kind Of Workshop To Every Student.

Shaziya Altaf

It Is Aditi's Pleasure To Be Part Of This Class And Learning From Teacher Like You. I Appreciate Your Style Of Teaching And Connecting With Students. I Am Certain That She Will Learn And Improve Her Hand Writing Skill From These Sessions. Our Deepest Gratitude To You And Penmanship. Thank You

Aditi Shukla

Your Session Was Very Authentic. You Have Solutions To Make Anyone's Handwriting Legible And Beautiful. Hope We Had A Teacher Like You. Being A Teacher I Totally Recommend All Children To Unlearn And Relearn From You To Have A Profound Handwriting. I Have Seen A Great Transformation In My Writing. If Can Find Some Improvement In My Handwriting, Young Kids Can Learnt Faster And Will Enjoy The Process. The Way You Conduct The Sessions To Kids Is Commendable. Very Lively, Interactive And Accessible

Deepak T R

Journey of Self discovery The journey of becoming a certified Professional Hand writing analyst and Grapho analytic Therapist has been amazing. Imran Baig, The mentor has an ability to show a mirror and ask us to dust our inner self and ensures the world look at You with a different perspective altogether. I testify that grapho therapy work wonders. I wanted to become an authority in this science without actually realising what it is like to be the one. Knowledge, expertise, wisdom, commitment and action put together makes an authority and I learnt it through You Sir. I thank ALMIGHTY for introducing me to a beautiful science and an amazing soul.

Zikra Pathan

Indu & Mitesh Khatri

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