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How The Wealth Mastery Challenge Works

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Why Now Is The Time to Step Into
Your Wealth Life

The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago.
The second best time is now.
With our rapidly changing world, we are now in a unique position to choose two things...
To survive or to thrive.
If you've read this far down, it suggests you are the kind of person who chooses to thrive…
To be able to provide your loved ones with everything they want and need…
To take the more challenging path now so you can reap the rewards later.

Ask yourself:

If not now, When?

       Break The Shackles Of Your Disempowering Wealth Beliefs & Experience The Success & Prosperity You Deserve In Just 4 Weeks 

Powerful & Resourceful Bonuses
(Worth Rs.30,000)
  • For full 30 days Manifest live with Mitesh. 
  • Every evening Mitesh himself puts you in high state & guides you to manifest your life. 
  • In these live sessions, a full groups also manifest for you, which is super powerful.
Complete Basic Law Of Attraction Course Recording
(Worth Rs. 25,000)
  • 12 videos recordings of Basic Law Of Attraction Workshop.
  • This Includes science of LOA. Why it works? Why it does not work? How it works? Techniques of practising law of attraction.
HRCM™ Audio Recorded Affirmations-Evening
(Worth Rs. 5,000)
  • Audio recorded affirmations for Health, Relationship, Career & Money.
  • These audio recordings are downloadable.
  • These you must play before going off to sleep at night. 
HRCM™ Audio Recorded Affirmations-Morning
(Worth Rs. 5,000)
  • Audio recorded affirmations for Health, Relationship, Career & Money.
  • These audio recordings are downloadable.
  • You can set up this recording as your morning alarm.
Affirmation Template
(Worth Rs. 25,000)
  • Ready template of Affirmations, where you can just fill in the blanks and create absolutely powerful affirmations for Health, Relationship, Career & Money.
  • These are tried and tested affirmations. 
  • With this template you will have your affirmations ready in 5 minutes.
200+ Guided affirmation videos
(Worth Rs. 25,000)
  • We have been running this 30 days challenge for past 8 months. 
  • You will get access to all recorded sessions, which are 200+ videos. 
  • These videos include all types of themes, emotions, feelings, beliefs. 
  • You can simply search, play and practice with it and transform your FTBA™. 
Digital Coaching System
(Worth Rs. 15,000)
  • Pre-recorded videos on digital coaching system.
  • This system can make you digital coach in just 90 days if you have skill to teach.

Do You Need a Major Upgrade in your Wealth Frequency?

Here are the Most Common Questions that my students ask me about changing Money Frequency, which one do you relate with...

 Why is my Income Stuck?
I work hard, I have talent, I give my 100% but still - Why is my Income Stuck?
For the last few years, I am trying my best but my Wealth Frequency is the same.
Sometimes even if my Income grows, my Expenses go Higher and I am stuck in the same experience of "Hand to Mouth" every month.
How do I go beyond this "Hand to Mouth" experience?
At the end of every month somehow I am always struggling with "just enough" money to meet all my needs.
At the end of every month somehow I am always struggling with "just enough" money to meet all my needs.
How do I change my Wealth Frequency to go beyond "just enough"?
I want to provide a Comfortable Life to my family where we always have more than enough!
How can I quit my 9 to 9 Job and do what I Love to do?
I work more than 12 hours and still don't get paid what I deserve. I am not even satisfied with my Job.
How can I Earn Money doing What I Love to Do?  I am tired of pushing myself to the office every day. 

Then there are also Students who are Happy with their Jobs, but their question is...

Why am I not getting a Promotion &  Salary Increment?
I am better at my job than most of my other colleagues. In spite of that they get a Promotion, they get a Salary Increment.

Some of my students are Entrepreneurs and their questions are...

How can I Attract Financial Freedom Frequency?
Even though I make good money, but I never get time to live my life and enjoy the money I make.
I really want to travel the world, I want to live a luxurious lifestyle without worrying about my monthly expenses, I want to be so Rich that I don't have to work for money.
How I can Attract & Create Financial Freedom Frequency in my life? Is this even possible?

What You Get In The Wealth Mastery Challenge

30+ Pre-Recorded Training Videos On Wealth Mastery

30+ Pre-Recorded Support Calls.

Access to powerful community Group.

Access to weekly support calls (12), which are conducted live by Mitesh & Indu. 

Total Value: Rs. 100,000

As you can see, the total value of this challenge is ₹100,000.00 INR
But you won’t be paying anything near that amount. We’re asking for only a fraction because we want to make this accessible to as many people as possible and charge just enough to cover the production costs.
That’s why you won’t be paying full price…

It Will Only Be Rs. 15,000/- For You

mitesh khatri corporate trainer

So if you’re ready to take a leap and finally claim life you deserve, enrol here:

About Coach Indu & Mitesh Khatri

You're Protected With Our Money Back Guarantee of 3 Days

This might be a big commitment for you. You might not be sure if this program will even work.
You might not be sure if your challenges are solvable with an online program. That’s totally understandable...
This really will be the single BEST investment you can make for yourself and for your life. To prove it, you receive a ‘peace-of-mind’ guarantee.
If you don't notice a significant difference in the way you think, the way you feel, and in the rest of your life over the next 3 days (after joining and starting the program), then you’ll receive a full, 100% refund on the program (no questions asked)
Just join today and get started with the program, and the guarantee will automatically apply.


How is the Wealth Mastery Challenge different from affirmations, NLP, or meditation?

The Wealth Mastery Challenge is based on Mitesh's unique, super-effective method of subconscious programming. This method goes beyond just hypnosis, meditation, and NLP to get to the root of your abundance blocks so you can uncover them and remove them for powerful, positive change.

How much time do I need to commit?

You don’t need to put in endless hours of work. You only need to set aside around 30 minutes per day to watch the videos and complete your assignments. 
More than time, we require your sincerity and discipline in this course. 

Can the Wealth Mastery Challenge improve my life?

As humans, we want the same things — success, prosperity, wealth. This challenge will reinstall the Wealth you were born with. Mitesh & Indu put everything they have learnt & studied in 18+ years. 

How to Access Bonuses?

All bonuses are added to your course platform, as soon as you login you will see multiple products, start accessing it one by one.

How many support calls are allowed for me?

Officially we are committing 12 support calls however we do not keep track neither we stop anybody from attending any support call.

How long will it take to get results?

This is result focused challenge. We don’t subscribe to the belief that it takes months or years to uncover and overcome your limiting beliefs of wealth.

As long as you are disciplined in going through videos, doing given assignments and showing up on support calls, you will see immediate results that you can quantify.

How do Community Forum work?

It is group of people who are focused on creating wealth and transforming their wealth frequency. 

This community is super supportive and both your coaches, Mitesh & Indu will be available in this group to answer all your queries.  

What happens if it’s not for me?

We want you to feel secure and confident in your purchase, so you are eligible for a 7-day money-back guarantee. Should you find that the program isn’t for you, we will refund you in full. We’re sure, however, that you won’t need to make use of it — millions of people have tried our programs and loved them, and we’re certain you will feel the same.

How long do I have access to this course?

You will have access to a wealth Mastery course for a lifetime.

How to join weekly support call?

Weekly support call joining details are shared with you in your mailbox.

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