A very Happy New Year to you. This is my first post in 2016 and I am starting this year with declaring My Personal Goals for 2016 to you, to the whole world here on my website.

I have found that declaring my goals to the world creates a powerful internal pressure and motivation to achieve goals. It helps us remain accountable, committed and take action consistently. If this post inspires you then I invite you also to declare your goals for 2016 below in the comments section.

My 2016 Goals Declaration Video

Mitesh Declaring Goals

But WHY must we make Goals? Because research has proven that We use mores of our Potential when we take action with a Goal Vs without a goal.

But let’s do our own research and see if this is true. Let’s say we have to run a distance of 60 feet as fast as possible with a goal vs without a goal, when do you think you will use your best potential to run faster?

While writing this blog I actually did this experiment myself and i suggest you do it too. I started the stop watch on my mobile, ran 60 feet and when i stopped the timer, I noticed that it took me 6.54 seconds to run 60 feet.

I decided to run again but this time I made a goal of running 60 feet in 6 seconds, I started my stop watch and ran, you will be happy to know that this time I took only 5 seconds to run 60 feet.

This experiment proves that we use more of our potential when we take action with a goal Vs without a goal.  So if you really want to realize and use the best of your potential, then I suggest you create Goals for 2016 and declare it like I am doing on this blog.

Here are the criteria’s for creating powerful Goals:

  1. Specific & Measurable – We cannot say “I will have better health this year” we must say “I will reduce 10 Kgs weight in 12 months” Now this is a Goal, because it is both specific and measurable.
  2. Stretched Goal – If you know you can already run 60 feet in 6 seconds then create a goal to run in 4 seconds to stretch yourself and to use more of your potential, stretch your limits to achieve more in life.
  3. Write them like they are already achieved – The best way to write your goal is to write them in the present tense as if it’s already achieved. So instead of writing “I will lose 10 Kgs in 3 months” it is better to write “I have easily lost 10 Kgs in 3 months”
  4. Breakdown in smaller Goals – Make sure you break down your 2016 Goals in small monthly and further break them down into weekly and daily goals. Only when we have daily goals can we achieve weekly, monthly and yearly goals.
  5. Declare your Goals to create Accountability – When we are accountable for something our chances of success increase by over 80%. And declaring our goals is the best way to create accountability. I am ready to increase my success chances by 80% and declare my goals to the world thru my blog here, are you ready to declare your goals with me?


My Goals 2016

Health & Fitness:

  1. I have easily achieved 15% Body Fat by June’2016 (currently I am 65 Kgs with 23% body fat.)
  2. I have successfully and easily exercised 5 days every week starting 11th Jan’2016
  3. I have easily meditated 5 mins everyday

Professional Goals:

  1. I am once again a National Bestseller of my second book “The Law of Attraction” by June 2016, thank you universe.
  2. I Make Rs 100,000+ monthly PASSIVE INCOME already through my online digital products, thank you universe.
  3. I already have published 50 Blogs with videos + podcasts already, thank you universe.
  4. I already have 5000+ happy subscribers, getting free training  on my Blog+YouTube Channel, thank you universe.
  5. I have Published 12 Bestselling eBooks with each having 100+ Happy Customers already, thank you universe.
  6. I have a successful LOA Training Online with 1000+ happy customers already, thank you universe.
  7. I have a successful Life Leadership Training Online with 200+ Happy Customers already, thank you universe.
  8. I have a successful Train The Trainer Online with 200+ Happy Customers already, thank you universe.
  9. I have a successful Emotional Intelligence Training Online 100+ Happy Customers already, thank you universe.
  10. I have a successful NLP Training Online with 100+ Happy Customers already, thank you universe.
  11. I have a successful ME & Body Language Training Online with 100+ Happy Customers already, thank you universe.
  12. I have a successful Kindle Publishing Training Online with 100+ Happy Customers already, thank you universe.
  13. I have successful How to Write a Book Training Online with 100+ Happy Customers already, thank you universe.
  14. I have a successful Financial Freedom Training Online with 100+ Happy Customers already, thank you universe.

WOW! That’s a lot and believe me, my heartbeat is increasing as it is scary to declare my goals to thousands of people here.

I have already down the breakdown of all the above and some more personal goals in monthly, weekly and daily goals for 2016.


Every month I will share with you my monthly success report of my goals I and hope it inspires you to set and achieve extraordinary goals for your life too.

Now its time for you to take the time and create your own Goals for 2016, I know it is scary but do it, you’ll feel great after you have created your goals. Next week I will write to you about how I maintain my daily motivation to achieve my goals and how you can do it too.

Let’s Live Life King Size, we Deserve The Best!

Mitesh Khatri