Stop Worrying! You keep saying this to yourself but find it difficult to take your own advise and stop worrying? I have been in the same situation many times and realized that I needed some help in how to stop worrying. After going through an NLP Certification (Neuro Linguistic Psychology) I learnt exactly how I can take control of my mind and my feelings. So here I share with you what I personally use in my life...


3 Simple Steps to Stop Worrying & Start Living Happily:

Step 1 - Replace your Negative Body Language with Positive Body Language - Our mind and body is connected and thus the easiest way to control our mind is to take control of our body. When we worry, we use a negative body language to worry, like frowning eyebrows, tensed shoulders, eyes down, standing weak, etc.

If you really want to stop worrying then you have to stop using the worrying body language and replace it with a positive body language. Smiling, Relaxed face, shoulders and chest high, standing strong, breath easy and comfortable, etc. The moment you change your body language you have taken the first step to stop worrying.

Step 2 - How would you think of this situation 5 Years from Now? - ​Our mind does not understand the difference between past and future, it only understands the present moment and thus it reacts to everything as if it is happening right now.

For an example if you focus on something bad that happened 10 years ago then your mind reacts to it and feel bad about it as if it is happening right now. Similarly if you focus on what can go wrong 10 days from now, again the mind reacts to it and feels worried as if it is happening right now.

Now we can use this to our advantage. Whatever you are worrying about, ask yourself, how would you react to this situation 5 years from now? And you'll realize that 5 years from now you would be either laughing at this situation, or you would find it too small to worry about or you may realize that it doesn't even have any importance in your life.

This simple trick helps you change your focus and stop worrying immediately and become emotionally stronger in your life.

Step 3 - Express Gratitude for 5 Things you Have - ​One of the key reasons we worry is because we think more of what we don't rather than thinking of the blessings that we do have.

When we move out of Gratitude we move into Worry. So the best way to move out of worry is to move back into Gratitude.

-Mitesh Khatri​

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The moment you move out of gratitude you will automatically move into worrying and complaining about what you don't have. But if you do the exercise of consciously expressing Gratitude for 5 things you already have in your life, automatically you stop worrying. Because you will realize that no matter how bad things are, you still have lots to be grateful for.

Recap to Stop Worrying with 3 Simple Steps:​

The moment you create a positive body language, shift your focus by thinking of your situation 5 years from now and express gratitude for 5 things you have and move into Gratitude, now even if you want you cannot worry, I promise you that much.

Now you will be able to use all your mental resources to focus on taking positive actions and stop worrying i.e. you will be able to apply what Lord Krishna says "Karma Kar Phal Ki Chinta Mat Kar"

Hope you use these 3 simple steps to stop worrying and living life gratefully, let me know how you feel about this article in the comments section below and do remember to share this article with your friends and family to help them stop worrying too.

Take Care & Stay Grateful!

Mitesh Khatri

Leadership Trainer & Best-Selling Author


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