It’s a great pleasure to talk about experiences we had with Mitesh. We engaged Mitesh for a work where 2 teams were already performing and we wanted to take these teams to further higher levels.

Mitesh started building energy of people, opening themselves, ensuring that they are in state of mind where they are able to accept the inputs and from there he helped them play a game, which showed multiplied results.

What I liked the most is the principals and tips Mitesh gave.

He spoke about 3 things…(1) Keep the ending in mind, be very very clear about the goals, what is that you want to achieve. (2) How to reduce waste in the system, whether it is time related or process related or customer engagement. If there is any kind of waste of energy please cut it. (3) How to build individual productivity in the team.

This was really phenomenal, I really liked it very much, team is energised and excited. In this conference we are going to talk about more than 120% growth and this platform is created by Mitesh. If the platform was not prepared for us, it would have been very difficult for us to drive the plan to over achieve for this year. Thank you Mitesh.