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The Law of Attraction™ is the power key to unlock your destiny, to consciously Attract More of What You Want and Less of What you Don’t Want. This book teaches you how to use the hidden energy within you to alter your life circumstances to create abundance of happiness and success. Once you read this book, there is no turning back. So grab your copy now and start manifesting your dreams into reality!

Learn how the Elite Performers like Sachin Tendulkar, the Richie Rich like Bill Gates and how the Greatest Leaders like Narendra Modi created a storm of Good LUCK for themselves.

Yes, there is a secret to attracting great health, wealth and happiness which only few people know and practice, you are about to be introduced to that secret law of attraction NOW so…


Because you are about to gain access to a secret power that will change your life forever, so are you ready!!!

Dear Friend,

If you have landed on this website and reading this letter right now than I am sure that, you are have been attracted here for a reason. It cannot be a co-incidence that in millions of websites on the internet you have landed here.

I am sure by now you have questions like:
  • What is this Law of Attraction™?
  • Does it really work?
  • Is there any scientific basis to this secret that I am talking about?

I understand if you are experiencing a certain amount of healthy scepticism right now because there are many people out there talking about the law of attraction but not many people are really practising and showing results themselves.

So let me be upfront with you right away and tell you that I believe I am one of the best practitioners and trainer of law of attraction that I know of. Now I know it may seem a bit arrogant to say that about myself and thus I want you to know that I say this from a deep sense of humility and with the intention to build my trust with you.

Yet I know that actions speak louder than words so…

  • Before I introduce you to the secret of law of attraction
  • Before I show you how even Lord Krishna spoke of it in Bhagavad Gita
  • Before I show you how even Albert Einstein proved its existence in laws of physics
  • Before I show you how the most successful people have used the secret power of the law of attraction to attract insane success let me first show you how I have personally used and got radical results myself.

My name is Mitesh Khatri, I am Corporate Leadership Trainer, Organization Transformation Expert and a Best Selling Author of “Awaken The Leader In You”

Marshall Goldsmith who is one of the world’s leading authority on Leadership and Organizational Development endorsed this book by saying…actually see it for yourself on my book cover page here!

Today I have the opportunity of travelling a new city, a new country every month to new organizations and meet and contribute in the lives of thousands of powerful people all over the world.

I have the good fortune and privilege of having to meet and train legendary successful CEO’s Directors, Sr Executives, VP’s, Presidents and Chairman’s, of Giant Organizations like Microsoft, ICICI, Bank of Scotland, MIT, Godrej, Reliance, Aditya Birla and more than 100 such organizations.

The universe (my code word for GOD) has given me Divine Mentors who guided me to the great fortune of wealth I have created today, the luxury of a great life I live, my mentors guided me to have extraordinary relationship with all my family members and most importantly they guided and taught me to become good human being and to be happy unconditionally.

Now you may be thinking that I am probably born with a silver spoon or born in a rich family but here is the truth.

  • I was born in a middle class family with financial struggles all my childhood like most Indians.
  • You may think I probably studied my way to success through MBA or some post graduate but the truth is that I was academically so weak that I am a under graduate who dropped out of junior college by choice because I knew I was not good enough at studies.
  • I had no family backing for business
  • No super talents or business sense
  • In-fact I was quite an inferior feeling low confident guy for many years of my life
  • I was even bad relationship management and lost a lot of good relationships
  • I failed and struggled for many years of my life
  • So then how did I make it so far?

I give complete credit to the Law of Attraction™ which I learnt from some of the best teachers in the world and it totally transformed my life. Learning and practicing the law of attraction brought the turning point in my life.

I owe everything to this science (yes it is a science of success) and thus I committed that all my life I will do regular free workshops to share this power with as many people as I can.

But I thought this secret needs to reach more people in the world and thus I decided to write a simple, practical and easy to read book so that without even attending my FREE workshop people can still gain benefit from this universal power.

What I am about to share with you is a very small and practical eBook on Law of Attraction™ which will reveal to you:
  • How and why the Law of Attraction™ really works
  • What’s the science behind it
  • Who are the greatest people in the world who used it
  • What are the step by step techniques to practice the law of attraction
  • Meet real people and know their miracle stories of how they attracted success

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To Double your Profits triple your investment in yourself, although for now all you need to invest is just Rs 299 which is just the cost of one Meal.

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Law Of Attraction Book

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