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What Is Vastu Shashtra?

Vastu shastra is the ancient  science of Architecture, which is also said to be engineered by Lord Brahma. Lord Vishwakarma. The mind born son of Lord Brahma is regarded as the first Architect of this world. He was responsible for the designing and construction of various buildings for Gods. He used the principles of Vastu and then implemented them in design to balance the Energy of the Five elements which are Fire, Earth, Water, Air & Space.

These principles of Vastu were later inscribed in various shastra and vedas, and its presence can even be felt in Mahabharat and Ramayan. Today, in the contemporary world, we use these principals, to study and balance the five elements in conjunction with the physical setting or Architecture of a home, office, school, college, hospital, market or any other buildings designed for human comfort.

Vastu Shastra is traditional Indian engineering set up which starts in India and actually. Vastu Shastra connects with mainstream Hindu and Buddhist views. The methods are suggested to align architecture with nature. Vastu aims at eliminating the negative and enhancing the positive energy present at a site or location so that a person, family or even business inhabiting a building can prosper and progress.

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