Our Thoughts are the most potent form of Energy. It is also the most powerful and the fastest form of energy in the Universe. If you learn to take control of your thoughts, you can take control of your frequency and thus you can take control of what you attract in your life.

But in order to take control of your Thoughts you must become Water instead of Fire.

Fire Believes - Others are Responsible for what I feel and think, others need to change for me to change.

Water Believes - I am Responsible for the way I feel and think, if I change, I can change my world.

Fire has no choice but to burn when others come with fire. Water can absorb fire and yet remain water.

​Fire does not have a choice but to burn, Water always has a Choice.

So become Water and start believing what water believes: I am Responsible for the way I feel and think, if I change i can change my world.​

Only when you complete this first step of taking responsibility can you take control of your thoughts.

Then the 2nd step is to ​practice the creativity to create your own thoughts, Innovate your own thoughts.

The purpose of thoughts is to make you happy, then why not innovate and create thoughts that can make you happy.

The formula is simple - S + M = E. Which means Situations + Meanings = Emotions.

In every situation of your life, practice these 2 steps to master the law of attraction:

  1. Take Responsibility for your thoughts
  2. Create your own Thoughts to control your own Attraction.

Share your results below, ask your questions and also share your challenges. I look forward to hear from you.

If you take responsibility for your thoughts, then you can have the choice to create your own thoughts.

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