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Remember that our Feelings are vibrations with a particular frequency. By law it attracts its exact matching frequency to you. If you are feeling negative it will attract negative frequency towards you form all directions of life.

So it is important to take control of your feeling frequency, here are some advanced tips:

  1. Interrupt Negative Feelings
  2. Reinforce Positive Feelings

Before I explain these advanced steps, here is some preparation you need to do. To Regulate your feelings you must be Aware of what and when you are feeling. So first make a list of 15 positive and negative emotions, here is a ready list for you but feel free to add to this list.


  • Sad
  • Demotivated
  • Helpless
  • Hate
  • Hopeless
  • Inferior
  • Lack
  • Guilty
  • Fear
  • Confused
  • Angry
  • Frustrated
  • Failure
  • Bored
  • Lazy


  • Happy
  • Motivated
  • Empowered
  • Love
  • Hopeful
  • Confident
  • Abundant
  • Responsible
  • Courage
  • Clear
  • Calm
  • Satisfaction
  • Successful
  • Excited
  • Active/Energetic

Now which of these negative emotions do you feel during the day, how many times and when. Once you have the Awareness of these emotions then you can apply step 1 of control your feelings. 

​Interrupt your Negative Feelings – You can interrupt your negative emotions simply by replacing them with positive emotions of your desire.

Reinforce Positive Feelings – ​To do this, Anchor your desired positive emotions. Any action and feeling memorized together is called an Anchor. For example listening to a song as action may trigger a particular feeling, this is what I call an Anchor.

All you have to do is think of the Action and rehearse feeling the positive feeling. The more you rehearse it, the more you memorize it, the more it becomes your new positive frequency.

In-fact do any activity during the day to experience your desired positive feelings.​ Listen to a song or do some workout, or smile in the mirror and say “I Love You” or say Thank You for something you have, etc.

Just do what it takes to practice the new positive feelings in order to change your frequency. Make sure you watch the above video and do the exercise as described. If you have any questions just post them on the FB Group.

The advantage with the FB Grou​p, is that everyone can learn and teach at the same time. Do let me know which of your Negative Feelings did you decide to interrupt and which positive feelings have you replaced it with.

Remember the more you share your results the more we are all inspired to become a master at Law of Attraction™. So i look forward to hearing from you, in a few days I shall post another video on controlling our feeling frequency.

See you and keep ​doing your Daily Visualization+Affirmations, keep being in Gratitude and be a Magician. We don’t simply live in reality, we create our Reality 🙂

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    • sanjay


      • Indu Khatri

        Great! congratulations…

    • rupinder

      I m truly blessed & grateful to U both Mitesh & Indu….. for Ur such simple,honest ways of teaching what powerful force v are enriching ourselves, today’s lesson needs to work consistently. So will soon come up with results. Thnq Thnq Thnq God bless you all too

      • Indu Khatri


    • rupinder

      Amazing … v are truly blessed with all Ur simple teachings, having huuuuuuuge results, when v gona apply, they really make sense. It needs a day minimum to practice& get results. Will soon come up with experiences. Thnq Thnq Thnq God bless you all too

      • Indu Khatri

        Most welcome Rupinder and thank you for participating.

    • Anuradha

      Wow…every step makes LOA more exciting..Thank you Mitesh and Indu

    • Ravi Nagpal

      Thnx guys for the 2 lessons i got tdy
      In fact as i joined a little late so i was waiting for the 2nd but i wanted to be at par with orhers and tdy i cud really manifest it and got the 3rd as well
      But its a promise that i wud work on both and come up with big results
      Thnx once again

    • Kaushalendra

      It was very easy to become aware of negative thoughts and change to positive. When I listened to the video i felt it will be difficult to become aware exactly at that point.

      Really felt good whole day. Thanks Mitesh

    • Mugdha Jambhekar

      yes I am trying to improve my self in this area but still some time in the office some of the people always give excuse not to do the allotted work & then I have to do the work. it make me angry now a days I avoid to react but its make me upset.
      this situation does not remain for a long time nor it effect to other person around me but yes it affects me

      • Mitesh Khatri

        It will affect you because you are allowing it to. Say thank you for this situation to change your Feelings.

        Use these affirmations…

        Thank you Universe for this wonderful opportunity to improve my communication and leadership skills.

        I am Responsible for the way i feel and i successfully take control of my emotions.

        I am in incharge of my feelings, i easily feel calm and centered even when people don’t listen to me.

        I am so grateful now, i have improved my Communication skills, people are now respecting me and responding to me positively.

        These are the kind of thoughts you require to change your frequency.

    • rupinder

      Hi Mitesh Indu, do v hv next lesson? After this? Plz waiting for Ur reply

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Yes Rupinder, we will go in depth with every lesson. There are already 2 topics released under feelings. The latest topic is Primary Questions.

        After a week there will be one more video on Feelings of Gratitude.

        Then after that we will release the Lesson 5 on Thoughts.

        Idea is to go in depth with every lesson. Hope this answers your question.

    • Meera Natarajan

      Omg.. Mitesh and Indu! Great content in this online training program. Amazing.. Feeling very happy and blessed to learn all these from Master of LoA. Very grateful to you both ?

      • Indu Khatri

        Thank you


      I have asked couple of questions on the Facebook page on 16th Apr’17. Reproducing the same below:
      Q1. I completed the lesson 1 in LOA course and realized that joining this course is one of the best decisions of my life. I would just like to know whether I can use manifestation to change the negative frequency of another person if he or she is not very convinced to practice LOA techniques independently.
      Q2. What happens when multiple persons aspire for the same specific goal such as a particular senior position in an organization and everyone goes through all the LOA techniques diligently. Will anyone succeed in such a scenario when everyone is vibrating at same (“competing”!) frequencies? If yes (or no), why and how?

      • Indu Khatri

        Dear Abhi,
        Thank you for joining the course. The facebook group is to support each other through participants, we give answers to queries as and when we get the time. We try our best to reply to all queries but practically it is not possible as the group is growing everyday by 5-10 members.
        Honestly you can not change other person but you can definately manifest that the other person has started believing in LOA and becoming positive day by day.
        Your second question is well answered by Mitesh on facebook as somebody else had also raised it. Please refer to it.

        • Indu Khatri

          I forgot to mention, there are some techniques, which will help you accept other persons negativity and his/her behaviour but those techniques are not yet shared in this course. However in the 3 hour long video those techniques are mentioned. I will discuss with Mitesh, if he thinks right i will share those techniques on facebook.

    • Pooja Keswani

      Thank you Mitesh and Indu for this wonderful video.
      I have a question on using FTBA™ for social causes. For example – traffic situation in Pune. Will it help to practice positive manifestation for improving the traffic situation or any other social issues that exist ?
      Thanks in advance.

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Yes manifestation works for everything. Because it works on the science that everything is energy.

        And your energy impacts the energy around you. So when your FTBA™ emits positive energy, it will definitely create and attract more positive energy.

        So yes it will work. For example when millions of people were feeling and thinking positive about Mr Narendra Modi, it became easy for him to win the election and become our Prime Minister.


      Thanks Mitesh and Indu
      Really this video is amazing
      I applied to change my emotional habit of irritating at children when they don’t keep their things at proper place but I overcome this .
      Thanks once again

    • Sharmila Patwardhan

      I have a suggestion that you can run similar program for kids typically from 8th standard to 12th standard. This will open up enormous opportunities for them. I tried teaching this to my kid, but often as a parent you have limited influencial power ????

      • Indu Khatri

        Sure Sharmila, once we finish making products in pipeline we can consider products for kids. Thank you

    • Virendra Wadekar

      Thank you for gr8 lesson. I already started implementing LOA
      sometimes its work magically,sometimes wont now i realize
      why its so thank you


      • Mitesh Khatri

        Your most welcome. Happy to know you are creating miracles 🙂 Continue being a magician.

    • Dipak Lodha

      Hi Mitesh,
      My name is Dipak Kumar Lodha and I am a Chartered Accountant.
      First of all, I thank God that I am in touch with you and I am a part of this online Mastery program. I will be sharing the results of LOA and many secrets related to this law which I myself observed. I believe that if LOA is applied along with other laws, it works wonders.
      While going through this online training, I am growing as a BETTER person and BETTER professional.
      Thank you very much for sharing such wonderful videos.
      Best Regards,
      Dipak Kumar Lodha

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Your most welcome Dipak and thank you for taking the time to write such appreciative words. Keep manifesting, keep creating magic.

        You deserve it.

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Your most welcome Dipak, I’m glad The Online Training is helping you create magic in your life.

    • vijaykumarallamaneni

      Thank you Sir

    • rekha1.kale

      Thank you Mitesh and Indu! This course is an out of the world experience. At the end of this Video, when I begin repeating after Mitesh,and thanking God for so many good things in life! I had peculiar feelings and tears in my eyes when this feeling of tremendous gratitude began encompassing me! I never realized God had given me so much! Hey! Thanks for this again ????
      I feel abundant and grateful!

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Thank you Rekha and welcome to the gang of Magicians 🙂

    • uma.pvkumar

      Dear Mitesh and Indu, It is a great privilege to listen to you! I am thanking the Universe for giving me an opportunity to go through the one year program! Thank you! I have 2 questions to you, one is; when I am doing my affirmations, how to stop a tiny ray of cynical feeling from creeping in? For eg; Suppose I am saying I am earning x amount of money, there is a lurking feeling inside which says, “how can you?” The second question is; generations of “don’t be too excited; nazar lage ga” belief instilled into the mind; so when I am trying to make positive affirmations, there is a lurking fear that it may not happen. How to avoid this?

    • Ratna Chakravorthy

      Sir l feel insicurity everymoment because my business is not well l have not a job guide me what i do?

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