To be a Master of LOA you must always have Clarity of what you want.

Clarity Exercise

​After watching this video lesson make sure you do the Clarity Exercise. Think, make a choice and write down exactly what do you want to attract in your life.

​If you don't choose your own frequency, then you can't control what you attract. So take the time today to write affirmations for all areas of your life. Here are some examples of clarity affirmations for Health, Relationships, Money & Career.


I am extremely Healthy and full Energy, thank you Universe

I love exercising everyday, thank you Universe

My weight is 65 Kgs and my waist is 30 inches, thank you Universe

​I love spending time with my family, thank you Universe​

Do this exercise tonight or maximum tomorrow. After you write your affirmations, print multiple copies of your Clear Life Attractions and display it on multiple places in your house.

Share your Clarity Exercise on the FB Group, so you can help everyone learn and master LOA.​​

And do not mark this lesson as complete, until you have really completed the Clarity Exercise.​

​This week make a list of all your questions and keep them ready, in a couple of days we will be doing a LIVE Video on FB Group for Q&A. Until then be a Magician and remember "Don't Ask How" just keep ​manifesting i.e visualizing as if you already have what you want.

I will see you soon in the next video lesson.​ If you have any questions related to today's Clarity Lesson just post your questions in the LOA Forum. I have already started a Discussion Thread on Lesson 1.

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