Law Of Attraction Coach – Mitesh Khatri

Clarity Exercise

After watching this video lesson make sure you do the Clarity Exercise. Think, make a choice and write down exactly what do you want to attract in your life.

If you don’t choose your own frequency, then you can’t control what you attract. So take the time today to write affirmations for all areas of your life. Here are some examples of clarity affirmations for Health, Relationships, Money & Career.

To be a Master of LOA you must always have Clarity of what you want.


I am extremely Healthy and full Energy, thank you Universe

I love exercising everyday, thank you Universe

My weight is 65 Kgs and my waist is 30 inches, thank you Universe

​I love spending time with my family, thank you Universe​

I have a great relationship with my life partner, thank you Universe

I have a great relationship with my parents, thank you Universe​

I have a superb relationship with my Brother & Sister, thank you Universe​

I love spending time with my family​, thank you Universe​

I happily and easily make Rs ___ per month, thank you Universe

​I am a Money magnet, I attract abundance of opportunities, thank you Universe

I easily and happily save Rs ___ every month, thank you Universe​​

I am easily attract extraordinary success in my profession, thank you Universe

​I am one of the world’s most trusted and successful trainer, thank you Universe​

​I love training and and helping people transform their life​

Do this exercise tonight or maximum tomorrow. After you write your affirmations, print multiple copies of your Clear Life Attractions and display it on multiple places in your house.

Share your Clarity Exercise on this page and I’ll do my best to respond as soon as possible.

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    • Sumit

      Hello Mitesh,

      Session was lovely. Thanks for that. I have few very basic questions, which I am posting. Queries in mind don’t let move ahead.

      Q1. As we are writing affirmations, how many times in a day we should see them and only reading affirmations are good or we should write the same number of times in a day. Also please suggest whether I should record all affirmations and play in the night as per your book. Should we have different affirmations in recording and writing.

      Q2. How goals and affirmations are aligned or both are same?

      Q3. If we don’t set goal, are we still going to achieve through LOA?

      Q4. Are goals and dreams are same because in visualization we visualize our dreams and goals only.

      Q5. Someone taken money from us and not giving back from years. What affirmation should I write to attract that money coming back to us.


      • Mitesh Khatri

        Q1. As we are writing affirmations, how many times in a day we should see them?

        A1. It’s good to start and end your day by seeing and reading your clarity affirmations once everyday. During the day see it/read it consciously only when you feel negative.

        Reading or writing affirmations is a personal choice. Whatever makes you feel best. I personally just read it but if you have found it difficult to focus then writing helps.

        Recording affirmations and playing them in lowest volume all night helps a lot. But some people cannot bear this so do it only if it’s comfortable.

        Recorded and written affirmations are always same.

        Q2. How goals and affirmations are aligned or both are same?

        A2. Both are same, affirmations are written to attract your goals.

        Q3. If we don’t set goal, are we still going to achieve through LOA?

        A3. Goals are important as Action is a critical frequency to attract your goals. All FTBA™ must work together.

        Q4. Are goals and dreams are same because in visualization we visualize our dreams and goals only.

        A5. No Goals and Dreams are not the same.

        Goals are specific and measurable with an end result which yug can visualize. Only then you can visualize them with clarity.

        Dreams are abstract and unclear. That’s why the first lesson in law of attraction is Clarity. Be clear of your goals in every area of your life.

        Q5. Someone taken money from us and not giving back from years. What affirmation should I write to attract that money coming back to us.

        A5. This “name” has happily and easily returned my money already. Thank you God for this wonderful Magic.

        Visualize the same and then forget about it. Don’t feel or think negative. Just take the action of asking the money as per routine. And believe that you will get it easily.

    • Rajat

      This is awesome:
      This “name” has happily and easily returned my money already. Thank you God for this wonderful Magic.

    • Sumit

      Thanks a lot,Mitesh for your answers.

      I have one more query which is troubling me from long time.

      I am doing a job in a company and building my Amway business also in parallel. I also deal in all kind of insurance also. If you see my affirmation, I have mentioned affirmation on Job and in business, I have mentioned success in Insurance and Amway business also.

      Growth in Job is also important till my business is established, that’s why I mentioned the change in job with salary hike.

      My question is, if I divide my energy in multiple thing how will it hamper for the core area I want to build which is Amway business. I also Insurance to grow in parallel.

      How should I approach.


    • Rahul

      Hey Mitesh,

      In the video, you mentioned that we cannot manifest a lottery because of negative frequency.
      How about manifesting success in trading?

      Thank you.

      • Indu Khatri

        Rajat has already answered this query on Facebook. Please refer that.
        Thank you.

    • Amit

      Thanks you Mitesh and Indu for this wonderful session

      I have a query regrading affirmation in Money area
      Can we combine the earning and saving amount of spouse together or it will be separate

      Thank you

    • Mohini

      Hello sir,
      Thank you for this video. I had one query. I am using LOA for my marriage and I came across this one guy on a matrimonial site and I fell for him. Our kundalis matched and both our parents also agreed. The only challenge here is that the boy said that he was not sure about the idea of marriage since he had a bitter divorce in the past. We never spoke or met after that but I am convinced that he is the one. My question is can I use LOA to attract him into my life? Also, I am clear about the relationships, health and other aspects of my life but not very clear about my career. Could this be the reason for me not being able to get the relationship I want with this particular person?

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Will soon create a Video Reply soon as this is a very common question for many people.

    • Alok

      Thank you Mitesh,

      For your presentation as well as answers to specific requirements,
      I learned a lot from your answers.
      I am thankful to you.
      I have some Questions, to ask you.

      Due to act of god in the year 2000, when I was at Tehran (Iran), lost my hearing and many things, and lost my balances, due to no money, and as a disable person.
      No one, including my family did not supported me.
      I am grateful to GOD/ Universe, to supported me. By keeping me HAPPY FOR NO REASON PERSON, even my income goes down from 100 % to 5 %, I am clear with zero doubt. Or limiting belief.
      I was/am looking for support, however, till now, I am zero success, with clear GOAL, in writing.

      If you want you can see my CV, I have posted in my Introduction at facebook.( If you want I can give you again for your ready reference) CV:
      I believe, that I will get it .like I got in the past. I visualize in meditation, as if it has already happened in live.

      My question, what should I do to get result in real life and the money I want

      • Indu Khatri

        Dear Sir,

        With all due respect, please stop posting your resume on comments and try to be brief as brief as possible, it will be easy for us to reply to you.

        FOr getting results in real life, first watch our video on clarity, complete your clarity exercise, write down precise affirmations, post on LOA facebook group for others to review. Start visualising it daily morning/evening.

        Also remember to watch our 3rd video on lifestyle, so that during the day you have correct vibrations.

    • Manish Arora

      Really it works man thank you my buddy mitesh for giving me BMW car which in used to manifest for last 2 years and I was really clear to have BMW only….. Thank you mitesh for getting my dream car…

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Thanks to you for being my best pal and also my best Protege of LOA! You have become a very powerful magician in the last 2 Years.

    • Chaitanya

      Hi Mitesh,
      Could you please provide affirmations for getting new job?

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Please add the question on facebook group for support from everyone.

    • Dhananjay Patwardhan

      Mitesh Sir, Very wonderful & exciting.

    • Sowmi Narayanan

      Sowmi LOA Affirmations
      I am grateful to the universe for giving me the best family , friends and career and am extremely happy that we are all completely aligned to each other in terms following Dharma , Honesty, good morals and ethics , and having same good social purpose and responsibility in life.
      I am also extremely happy and grateful to the Universe for making me completely aligned with my boss and peer group in terms of trusting each other, sharing and completely believing and agreeing on same vision, mission , sustaining transparency , professionalism and we are always continuously vibrate in the same very good frequency. We also strongly believing that “Unity Is Our Strength” , “Delivering Together” and further continuously on every opportunity we are all helping each other and growing together NOW.
      Today is June 2, 2017 and it is my birth day. 🙂 . Yes !! Thank you Universe for giving me the best health and now more than a year consistently and passionately , maintaining it. I am regularly doing all my exercises and going for 45 minutes walk along with running and am sure by the end of Dec 31, 2017 that am able to run marathon seamlessly and participate in many local and corporate marathons and start winning prices too. WOW !! . Kudos to me. .
      As of today my weight is 95 Kgs and waist is 39 cms and am really happy about this. I am sure within short period of time before 2017 year end that I can able to achieve my target of 78 Kgs and 36 cms of waist and start winning marathons.
      It is awesome to see that all my critical heath tests like sugar, BP and other ones are all within normal range and today am very happy that doctor amazed about my health and appreciate me for continuously maintaining it. In fact he told me that fitness become my part of DNA and even told me seriously that I will live for 100 years minimum. . I am so happy and very grateful to my wife ‘Gowri’ for passionately cooking me the best food and grateful for everyone including my children, parents and friends to motivate me constantly. Here I would like to extent my gratefulness to Mrs. Narita for introducing Mitesh’s Law of Attraction™ book and further my sincere thanks to Mr.Bala for sharing this one year LOA workshop. It is really awesome and am enjoying every bit of it. My he artful thanks to Mitesh and his entire team.
      I sincerely pray to God , Universe that all the living beings also need to be happy and get what they really want also.
      Today is June 2, 2017 is my birth day and both myself and Gowri is very grateful for the God, Universe for fully owning our Saidapet house. We paid the Saidapet house fully ahead of time and started saving consistently so that we will also fully pay the other properties on or before Dec 31, 2017. . We had beautiful small family get together today and it went really well. Now we have so much of cherish able memories. Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Today is June 2, 2017 is my birth day and thank you Universe for promoting me as an AVP. I am extremely happy , excited and grateful to all my healthy like-minded bosses, mentors , teammates and co workers for helping me to achieve this. I am really blessed to have this environment. Now every day I am utilizing all the powers I received through the above promotion and contributing to my level best back to the organization healthy growth in all possible way with utmost professionalism and I am extremely happy and grateful to the Universe for giving this blissful opportunity.
      I am glad nowadays I attract more people for mentoring and extremely happy that my mentoring is helping to grow in right way in their career and bring happiness to their life. I am very joyful that Senior management started recognizing my core strengths, good moral values I believe in, ethics and the impact it is making into organization everyday and they started believing it and giving more opportunities now.
      Thank you so much Universe for giving me the best , peaceful relationship in all spheres of life. I blessed to have such a great , wonderful, very understanding wife and also the children. They are always very adjustable and joyful and most importantly approachable. I am so grateful for my parents who always speak , follows truth and brought up me in such an manner to manage and be successful in situation. What else i need further ? I feel complete and express my deepest gratitude from my bottom of my heart to the Universe. God bless everyone of us.
      I am extremely happy and grateful to the Universe for gracefully showing me the path to be followed by every human being through various connections to know the real purpose of our life called “Mukthi”. I am enjoying this process every bit and sincerely praying to the God to take me further and merge with him soon.
      Cheers Sowmi

    • Sowmi Narayanan

      Dear Mitesh and Others, I am little bit late and just now finished second lesson. Once you are reviewed and confirm my affirmations i will mark it completed and move on to third lesson. I made my writing as much as natural and realistic to me and hope you all like that. Please bear for little bit lengthy one and share your views soon. take care.

    • Harish Ramkumar

      Hi Mitesh/ Indu/ Others,

      How do I read or go over the affirmations? Should I just read it like reading a book? Should I Visualize about it while reading? As described in the FREE workshop video should I be happy when reading them? How do I know whether I am doing it right? Please help me.

      Thanks in Advance.


      Hi Mitesh & Indu
      I a have a question about relationship
      My mother is recently not in talking terms with me as she does not approve of my life choices. I am trying LOA to correct it as we had a perfect relationship however seeing her everyday not talking to me ignoring me is just not working for me. Everyday I breakdown and have to start afresh on LOA exercise. Please guide me on it

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Dear Snigdha, firstly stop feeling all kind of negative emotions while thinking of your Mother.

        Remember you are a Magician and you don’t react to reality. You create your own reality and respond to that.

        From now on FTBA™ as if your Mother is already talking you. You and her have a great relationship full love and acceptance for eachother.

        Sleep with such affirmations and during the day, smile and be happy like its already done.

        Plus here is another advanced technique. Think of your Mother mentally and repeat these 4 statements in your mind 20 times.

        I am Sorry Mom
        Please Forgive Me
        Thank You for your Love & Forgiveness Mom
        I Love You Mom.

        Repeat this exercise 3 times a day and then see what magic happens in a week.

        So congratulations for winning your Mother’s heart 🙂

    • Ratna Chakravorthy

      How i joint the facebook group?

      • Mitesh Khatri

        I have emailed you the link to facebook group. Or just goto facebook and search for The Law of Attraction™ Mastery Training and join the group.

        • rekha1.kale

          I tried joining but there was a message asking me if i had paid. I answered yes, but i could not join. Please guide me.

    • Mugdha Kunte

      Hello Mitesh and Indu!
      Thankyou very much for the video! It improved my understanding on the Law of Attraction™. I would like your inputs on the following to things:
      1.I have applied to a few universities abroad for my masters for the fall 2017 and I have worked very hard for it ( doing internships, Getting involved in college activities and enrolling in online courses to get an edge over others). As of now, the universities I have applied to have sent their rejection letters to me, which has demotivated me. Not only this my other friends have already got their admit letter which is very discouraging as I have out in my best and I am not able to see the results.
      There are two more universities left. Can you suggest any improvements in my affirmations?
      Affirmation-” I am very grateful that I have got admission in Groningen university and in Goethe university for my masters in Neuroscience for the fall intake of 2017″.
      Also please suggest any other actions that I must take to attract it as soon as possible.
      2. Since we ask the universe for what we want, is there any way of giving back to the universe for giving us what we want?

      • Indu Khatri

        Dear Mugdha,

        Thank you for subscribing.

        A small correction in your affirmation, you have added ‘and’ you can not get admission in both universities. i suggest ‘I am very grateful that i have got admission in best university for my masters in Neuroscience’. Why restrict to two universities, why not ask best possible option.

        Second thing which is must for any manifestation is, what are you feeling during the day? are you anxious all the time, are you worried or are you excited that you got the admission and you will soon be flying out. are you preparing to fly out. when people ask you about admission how are you responding, ‘not yet’ ‘dont know whether it will happen or not’ ‘i worked hard but not yet got the results’ or ‘ i have got the admission in best university just waiting for the letter, i am so excited i am going to fly out and do my masters in best university of world’.

        it is important to act as if you already have it.You need to be believe that it is done and act as if it is done.

        2. Just thank you to universe is i think good enough for the universe ?

        All your further queries post on facebook group, there entire group is supporting each other and all queries are answered much faster.


    • Mugdha Kunte

      Thank you very much I du for your answer!

    • Sharmila Patwardhan

      My FB joining approval is till pending. My name on FB is Sharmila Deshpande (sharmilade) and my after marriage name is Sharmila Patwardhan. Please do the needful.

    • Supreet Ahuja

      Hello sir,
      Can you please tell me is whether my affirmation of my profession is on the right track? My affirmation is:
      “I am so grateful and thankful for the fact that i am one of the most trusted and successful teacher of our kindergarten school. I have a very loving job of a class teacher of kindergarten students. All my students love me and i love spending time with them. Thank you, thank you, thank you god for such a wonderful blessing.”

    • Sharmila Patwardhan

      Hi Mitesh, I have a query. What happens if you keep on changing your manifestations before it is complete. Does it affect the result. Or you have to manifest same thing till it is achieved???

      • Sharmila Patwardhan

        Resubmitting that since I did not add notification in the previous post :

        Hi Mitesh, I have a query. What happens if you keep on changing your manifestations before it is complete. Does it affect the result. Or you have to manifest same thing till it is achieved???

        • Mitesh Khatri

          Yes if you really want to attract something, you must continue manifestation until it’s done. Or else the frequency breaks.

          You can add more things to manifest but don’t delete anything until you complete it.


      Hi Mitesh. Thank you so much for helping me to improve my life. I have one question:-
      In 2015, I got vitiligo around my lips. I took very strong medicines (steroids) to get it cured. It got better but after a while, it appeared again and I was put on very strong medicines once again. I believe that I got vitiligo at that time due to extreme family tensions as I used to feel devastated all the time with no emotional support.
      Though I worked on myself and my feelings after reading your book. vitiligo got cured and Doctor asked me to stop the medicine in 2016. There are still small patches left around my lips. I want even those small patches around my lips to leave my skin and want a normal glowing skin. what should be my Affirmation for it ?

      Thanks once again to you and Indu Mam.

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Imagine yourself with perfect and normal lips everyday. Don’t believe in the reality you see in the mirror. Believe in the reality in you create in your imagination.

        Secondly accept it and love your face the way it is and everyday touch it and say these affirmations…

        I am sorry for everything
        Please forgive me
        Thank you for being in my life
        I love you for being normal and perfect again.

        I know your purpose is complete, you are free to now leave my body peacefully. Thank you for leaving, thank you God for normal and perfect lips again.

    • Ansshuman Jain

      Hi Mitesh, today is my 1st day and I have watched 2 videos of you. I want to make my career in stock, commodity and forex trading, currently I am doing business and I have to go for business tours for orders and payments, just because of credit involved my lots of money stuck in market and due to all this I am in debt and also I have to pay huge pending bills. Please suggest me where to start ? Thank you for all your support…

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Follow the clarity exercise. Ask yourself, what do you want? Now make affirmations to create that frequency.

        Now start FTBA™ as if you already have financial stability. Take action to support this frequency.

        Stop making more expenses on credit, reduce your expenses, save atleast 10 Rs everyday, take every single action that says “i am financially stable”

        Stop taking all the action which creates more debts.

        Stop feeling lack of money, learn to be happy even in small amount of money.

        Slowly you will start attracting money again.

    • Sanjay Pandey

      Hi mitesh ji I want to start a business.What should be my affirmations.Regards

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Please post your questions on facebook group. Along with me many magicians will share their magical affirmations with you.

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Thank you God for giving me the clarity to start A Successful Business.

        I am extremely passionate about my business and love serving my customers with extraordinary service.

        Thank you God for such amazing growth in my business in the first month itself.

        Thank you God for helping me start a successful business easily and passionately.

    • trupti83p

      Hii mitesh I just went through the clarity you said that as a couple we should be clear about our incomes and savings but as my husband is into job a IT guy and I run my playgrp nursery and daycare centre.Happy to tell you that this our second marraige and loa helped a lot in it as I had read your loa book so I am really grateful to universe and you for this but as we both are in different field how are affirmations and goals regarding income and savings will be the same is my question.plz guide me for this

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Good question. You don’t need exactly the same goals. When you are in a relationship you own and accept each other completely.

        So his goals are yours, and your goals are his. You may both have different goals and yet accept them completely as yours.

        So you both manifest for both your goals. Just make sure you are aligned with each other.

        For example if i my goal is to create another Online Course but if my wife Indu is not aligned with it, that’s misalignment between us. When she believes in my goals, it becomes easier to manifest. Although this is not compulsory.

    • adhirajpatil612

      Hello sir …Thank you so much for making online training programme…my sister is doctor by proffession she want to take admission in Jipmer medical college for MD RADIOLOGY..she has doubt that can we attract success in exams offocourse with studies and attraction…as its also very similar to lottery kind as number of participant with anxiety with jealousy exam will be on 19 /9/2017..what afformation recquired..thank you for reply

    • poonambania

      Thank you Sir for such wonderful training program.

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