Simply reading books or practicing once in awhile is not enough. If you want to be a true Magician in this world of Magic then you must make LOA as your Lifestyle. Perfection is not as important as Consistency, so don't worry about doing it perfect just practice LOA everyday consistently.

It takes 10,000 Hours of Practice to Master anything and this applies to Law of Attraction too.

Here are 3 simple practices that you need to make a part of your daily lifestyle:

  1. ​Start every morning and sleep every night with a Visualization or Reading Affirmation exercise.
  2. During the entire day Live as if you already have it. Don't block your frequency by feeling or talking negative. Maintain your clear and positive frequency the whole day, this is very critical.
  3. Use Manifestation few minutes before every important task you do. Either do a visualization or say an affirmation like its already done. Just make sure you feel like its already done and then start what you need to do.