Law Of Attraction Coach – Mitesh Khatri

Welcome to your first and longest lesson in your law of attraction training. Take the time to watch this 3+ hours of video in small installments.

This video will cover many basic topics like:

  1. What is the Law of Attraction™?
  2. What is the Science behind the Law of Attraction™ work?​
  3. How did I personally use the Law of Attraction™ to change my life
  4. Basic Techniques of using the Law of Attraction™

Watch a small portion, make notes and then watch again. 

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    • Rahul

      Thank you

    • Sunil

      Good Morning Mitesh.
      Thanks a ton to my mentor Mr. Prem Pillay who suugested me to read your book “Law of Attraction™”.
      As u also mentioned I had been reading about Power of Subconscious Mind, The Secret ( all additions – Magic, Power) but your book gave lot of clarity.
      I now realise how unknowingly my Feelings were wrong in some areas of my life.
      Although I have started checking my feelings before doing any work still it needs lot of improvement.
      Thanks for conducting this long LOA session and giving us the opportunity to be a part of this Face Book group, at least for one year.

      I want lots of my friend to join this group. Can I forward the email you sent me to them and they can apply by paying ₹1,000/- directly?
      Looking forward to meet you personally.
      Warm Regards
      Sunil Sukhija

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Hi Sunil,

        Thank you for your appreciation and I am glad you are getting benefit from joining this group. Thanks Prem also for spreading the good word.

        Yes you can forward this link to your friends for joining this group


      • Indu Khatri

        Yes you can forward the email.

    • Ashir

      Thanks Mitesh for taking out time from your busy schedule to empower people like us with the hidden power we all possess .

      I am expecting lot to learn new things and unlearn old believe system we have inherited since the time we are born with the end in mind of becoming a better Human being .

      Thanks to Sunil ji For recommending Free Law of attraction session which resulted me to enroll for this 1 yr course .

      God bless you all And Congratulations to all for achieving your goals .
      Ashir Sehgal

      • Indu Khatri

        Thank you Ashir

    • Vasant Kale

      Dear Mitesh,
      Thank you for this amazing session, I attended this third time and it works for me!
      My affirmation is : I got a leadership Job at Pune with more than expected salary and I am enjoying working in dream Company which I would like to work. Thank you for Universe for this opportunities. Thank you! Thank You ! Thank You!
      Thank you mitesh being you and your coaching

    • Abhijeet Chaudhari

      Thank you so much Mitesh sir it was wonderful online session on clarity

    • Anupam

      Dear Mitesh, This has been an excellent session. I thought of watching this in short parts, but could not actually stop watching this till the end. Its 2:30 in the morning now and really feeling awesome. I am so happy and grateful that I have participated in this online platform. I sincerely thank the universe for this.

      • Indu Khatri

        Thank you so much….

    • Jalpa Jasoo Shrimali

      Hi Mitesh,

      It was a superb session! I am glad I subscribed. Though, I have a doubt:

      In this video you mentioned that our destiny is decided. You gave an example of a beggar, who is destined to be a beggar. I want to ask if everything is predestined then why law of attraction and then how does it work because law of attraction technique in other words means trying to get what we don’t have.

      I would be eager to know the answer. Thank you!

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Here is my understanding. 20% of our life is Destined, 80% is our Choice. This 80% is where you can definitely choose to attract whatever you want.

        Even the 20% was actually chosen by us before we were born, when we were God. (remember we are all God)

        So actually 100%of our life is our Choice and thus we are responsible for everything we attract. And thus we also have the power to attract what we choose.

    • Rajat Ranjan

      Dear Mitesh Sir, This has been an excellent session.First time watched this video ,Lets see how law of attraction works in my life.
      Thanks for mental gyming.

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Glad you’re getting value from it 🙂

    • Ansshuman Jain

      Hello Mitesh
      i don’t understand some parts 1st I don’t understand why to thank negative feelings or actions and how to change negative to positive ? You tell us we should use affirmations 3 times a day must, but please tell me how many times in one go ? And you want to tell us one more step after affirmations, what’s that ?

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Add these questions in the facebook group, you’ll get lot of answers.

    • Alok Gogoi

      Excellent session.

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Thank you Alok, I’m glad you got some value 🙂

    • rakesh sharma

      Thank You Mitesh, Its was a time i am not able to find my daily frustration as i want to do something different in life . One of My mentor suggested your video and i have immediately started watching your video Also joined 1 years plan.

      • Mitesh Khatri

        I’m glad you are getting value from this training. Happy Manifesting.

    • Nandu Potdar

      first of all so many thanks Mitesh sir n Indu mam
      Actually from 7 years i was searching perfect solution for the law of attraction .from 7 years things r in my mind .i was searching for it some things also i know about it but cant clarify them.but finally i got the all solutions in this video thanks a lot again.

    • Avinash

      IT was excellent and actually helped getting the affirmations right, which had some flaws when created after reading the book

    • Prem Kumar

      I am not able to see the video and can’t seee the complete button?i am using iPad,don’t have a laptop

    • Mandavi Jayakar

      How do I mark this video as complete?

      • Mitesh Khatri

        No need to anymore. Just continue watching.

    • patra.rajenkumar

      Hi Mitesh,
      I have completed watching the video.Please tell me how to mark it as complete. Thank you in advance.

      • Mitesh Khatri

        No need to complete anymore. Just continue watching the videos in sequence.

    • drneurgaonkar

      I have seen the video . Excellent video .I would like to use it for myself.

    • dridatenitesh22

      Thanks a lot mites sir for such a scientific and practical evaluation of LOA on facts.Lot of change experiencing just by watching basic LOA.And I am confident that I am on the right path from now to achieve all my goals of my life.
      Thanks again and say congratulations for me.

    • drneurgaonkar

      Very helpful video.
      will move on to next lesson.
      Dr. Purushottam

    • mysoreyogish

      Dear Mr. Mitesh,
      This was an excellent learning session for me to start changing from logic to magic person.
      I expect a lot more from your future lessons about “LAW OF ATTRACTION” working successfully in my life.
      ! Thanks in advance for everything !

    • pvkumar41

      I have completed the basic LOA training

    • poonambania

      Thank you wonderful training. It’s very helpful and made feel very positive.

    • udaydivekar

      Dear Sir,
      I have watched the video. Thanks !!! Where is complete button.

    • Virendra Wadekar

      Hello, Mitesh
      I have watched all the videos. I am not able to find the complete button and I’m not getting any updates on new videos. I only got 10 videos.


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