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Have you got a chance to read our Leadership book, ‘Awanken The Leader In you’, here is what readers are saying about this book…

Review posted by blogger – Isha Mishra

Awaken The Leader In You by Mitesh and Indu Khatri takes you on a tour to know the essentials of being a successful leader.

Full of inspiring leadership stories, strategies and practice exercises, this book is meant for those, who wish to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and become a leader, not just in professional, but also in the personal life.

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Review posted by blogger – Shaivi

I especially liked the way they have shared how the difference between leaders and others lies between the “employee” and the “entrepreneur” mindset. It made me stop and ponder, for the principle holds true in all aspects of life. Also, the chapter on emotional intelligence has been beautifully done, with simple tips on how to manage our emotional patterns, for the person who has achieved a control on emotions has cleared a big hurdle in the path to professional success. The concept of trust bank accounts introduced by the author exposes reader to the advantage of building trust with people since the level of trust we create within our people is directly proportional to the effectiveness of our leadership effectiveness.

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Review posted by blogger – eNidhi

Awaken the leader in You is not written to induce false dreams into you to become super rich super quick. It is instead written to help you learn viewing daily problems from a new perspective and finding practical solutions.

Book explains with simple illustrations and examples how leaders differ from ordinary people.Let me share a few examples from the book:

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Review posted by blogger – Vishaal Bhat on his blog Manipalblog

Before the first chapter, there is a wheel depicting the essential leadership skills. The chapters are based on this wheel and begin with the difference between an employee mindset and an entrepreneur mindset. Every chapter is clearly structure with a good number of tables and case studies to help you understand the concept. After each chapter there is a clear summary of the same, which adds to the value of the book.

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Deputy General Manager at Godrej – Vineet Jajodia

Thanks for sharing the Book “Awaken the LEADER in YOU”.

This is a wonderful book. Written in simple statements but with deeper meanings.
The entire book is so motivating that I have read twice in last 15 days. Your chapter on emotional intelligence was outstanding. Every chapter is explained by real life stories which make it more interesting and realistic.

Manager at Tieto – Mayank Beri

Truly Inspirational & Exceptional!! Mitesh’s book is an extension of him. Its not just a book, but is actually the crux of his popular and super-effective leadership training methods & practices. The book covers every dimension of leadership and is a must read for anyone aspiring to be a leader. The simplicity with which Mitesh has put across the knowledge and the effectiveness of his exercises are unmatched compared to any other book in the same genre at the moment. After attending his trainings and reading his book, I have no doubt in my mind that Mitesh is one of best leadership trainers India has.

Mitesh has the rare ability to change people’s perception about leadership and then also about themselves. I thank Mitesh and Indu for the knowledge & motivation I get from them and their work. I wish them best of luck for many more such successful books.

Sales Trainer – Rajesh Gopinath

This is a note to thank you for writing the book. I purchased this book at the Bangalore Airport today at 12.30p.m. I just finished reading the book. Never done that in my entire 43 years of life except while reading “Robert Ludlum– Jason Bourne Series”.

I loved all examples , stories and exercises in the book. I have not done all the exercises, but I plan to do it when I read the book a second time. I will be doing that tomorrow evening. I loved the story about yourself which you have told in the Emotional Intelligence section.

I think I could relate to the story as I am a Sales professional who started doing “Door to Door Selling” . I later found my lifes calling to be a trainer.A story similar to you I guess.

I am a sales trainer and I teach people the art of selling.

Book review by Doctor, Motivational Trainer and Life Coach – Dr. Sudhir Arora

Over my last 35 years of professional experience I have read more than 700 books on human mind & human behaviour. Life has repeatedly taught me that it’s simple to make things difficult, but it’s difficult to make things simple.

From that perspective I can surely say that Mitesh & Indu’s book stands out for its simple and practical approach for a topic which inherently is a very ambiguous and vastly difficult topic to present successfully.

They have definitely presented their deeply profound ideas in a very lucid way. They absolutely know what they are speaking because they have practically lived the very values that they are talking about in their amazingly effective book.

I am proud to have personally known such a fine couple in my life’s journey on this beautiful planet.

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      Ahah! Monday(Nov 21, 2016) morning refresher. I finished reading all the review comments. All of them look inspiring in deed. I’m yet to read the book thogh.

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