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I want to give you a peek in the first chapter of my next book “Law of Attraction™ – As Revealed by Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita” Do let me know your views, it would encourage me to send you a peek to my second chapter 🙂

The Science of The Law of Attraction™

There is science behind every magic, in order to master magic you must learn the science behind it.

In-fact whatever people don’t understand, they call it magic, once they understand how it works, it’s called science. Here are a few examples.

  • In ancient years anyone who had medical knowledge were known as Magicians because people did not understand the science of medicines.
  • Just a few decades ago if I told you that you could have a mobile phone in your hands which you could carry anywhere and make calls to any part of the world, you would have called it magic.
  • Just a few years ago people thought touch technology was a myth because they did not understand the science behind it. Today it is in your hands as touch phones or smart phones.
  • If I told you that a few years from now you would be able to download data straight in your brain, you would call it a myth or magic. But once somebody understands how it works, it’s called science.

Just like this, once you understand how the law of attraction works, you will also realize that it is science not magic. This science was actually revealed by Lord Krishna centuries ago in Bhagavad Gita and we even learnt about it in school in Physics but we never understood what it really meant then.

Are you ready to understand that science and learn it’s connection with Krishna? Here we go!

Law of Attraction™ as per Physics

You will be surprised to know that you were introduced to the science behind the law of attraction in school.

If you remember in Physics subject in school, we learnt that everything around us is ‘Matter’ including your body.

Anything that you can perceive through your five senses is called matter. That is if you can See, Hear, Feel, Taste or Smell anything, then that is matter. Thus our world is called as a Materialistic World because everything is matter.

We learnt a formula in physics which came as a very common question during exams. This formula taught us what is matter made of?

If we take a microscope and see through any piece of matter, we learnt that it is made of many things like atoms, molecules, neutrons, protons and at the deepest level, there is Energy.

Thus the formula we learnt here was:

Matter = Energy.

Which means matter is made of energy. You, me, everybody and everything you see around, is made of energy. Water, air, all type of gasses, light, mountains, trees, the furniture around you, everything that is matter is made of energy including you and me.

All the desires you have like House, Car, Money, Relationships or anything else that you want is also matter which is essentially made of energy.

Remember this: Everything is made of Energy!

If you would like to understand this science more in depth watch this YouTube video by Greg Braden (Best-selling author of The Science of Miracles) where he explains how we are all connected as one Energy.

Now here is a tricky question. If you and I both are made of energy then what is the difference between you and me? Are we both made of different energies?

On the outlook it may seem that we are two different and separate people so obviously we are made of different energies.

But NO we are not. Actually I am made of the very same energy that you are made of.

In-fact you would have never heard the word ‘energies’ because it does not exist. Because ‘energies’ means multiple or more than one energy but science has proven that in the entire universe there is only one singular energy with which we are all made of.

So bottom line once again, you and I are made of the same energy and thus at the energy level we are all connected as one.

Everything around us is a part of each other, we are all connected and we are all one. And I mean this literally, like we are connected with an invisible thread connected to each other.

You may be thinking if we are connected then why can’t you see the connection? Well you can’t see it because we don’t have the capacity to see energy with our naked eyes. Just like you can’t see your bones with your naked eyes but you can see it through an X-Ray machine. Similarly you can’t see the energetic connection between us but science has now developed the technology to not only see but even measure the energy that we are made of.

What I am saying is that just because you don’t have the capacity to see something doesn’t mean it does not exist.

We are all made of the same energy and we are all connected, we are one.

Here is the link to a free video on YouTube in which Dr Deepak Chopra (Best-selling author of 7 Spiritual Laws of Success) explain this phenomena

This is another clipping of the movie secret posted on YouTube where it explains the how we are all energy

In-fact I am sure you have read or heard in religious books that if you want to find God, find it within yourself because God resides within you. This is not just philosophical; it also has a scientific basis to it.

God is also a form of energy and since there is only one energy in the universe then we and God are made of the same energy.

Since we have inside us the same energy that God is made of, thus it is correct to say that God resides inside us.

That is why spiritual people are against violence because they know that whether you are hurting an animal or another human being, at the level of energy you are only hurting yourself. Or you are hurting the energy of God itself since everyone is made of the same energy as God.

When you are angry with someone else, why do you feel upset? Because at the level of energy, when you are angry with someone else you are also angry with yourself. That is why forgiveness is very important because by forgiving others you only forgive yourself.

You must have also heard what you give is what you get. If you give money you get more of it, if you give love you get more of it. Similarly if you give anger you get more if it, if you give negativity you get more of it. This principle works because we are all one at the level of energy.

The relation between matter and energy was discovered by one of the greatest scientists ever lived who also gave us the formula:

E = MC2

Laws of Energy: If you remember in school we also learnt the laws of energy which were:

  • The total amount of energy in the universe is always constant
  • Energy cannot be created nor destroyed it can only be transformed from one form to another
  • Energy is always vibrating at a certain frequency
  • There is only one infinite source of energy that we are all made of, only the frequency of energy is different
  • All matter is made of the same Energy
  • Energy with the same frequency will attract each other which means Like Attracts Like

These laws of energy, which we learnt in science, were already written in the Bhagavad Gita by Lord Krishna. He was a master of Physics and explained it in his own wonderful way.

Law of Attraction™ as per Bhagavad Gita

In simplified words here is how lord Krishna explained the same laws of energy in Bhagavad Gita:

  • What takes birth and dies is only your body, the real you which is your Soul (Energy or Spirit) cannot be created nor destroyed as it is everlasting, it cannot die. Your soul can only change forms from one life to another life. (Energy cannot be created nor destroyed it can only be transformed from one form to another.)
  • God is everywhere and everything is God (There is only one infinite source of Energy) if you truly want to seek God then seek within yourself (We all are made of the same Energy)
  • The whole materialistic world is an illusion or what Krishna called MAYA. Because at the level of energy we are all one but we cannot see it due to the limitation of our senses. (All matter is made of the same Energy)
  • Your destiny will depend on your Karma. This meant that all our actions have a certain frequency and thus it will attract results of the same frequency. (Energy with the same frequency will attract each other which means Like Attracts Like)

If you see Einstein only validated what was originally said in Bhagavad Gita i.e. we are all made of the same Energy (same God) only the frequency of our form is different.

So you see law of attraction is not some positive thinking philosophy, it is based on scientific facts and works with laws which cannot be bent or broken.

When I learnt all of this for the first time, suddenly I got the answers to a lot of questions which I had for many years. I have already explained a lot of these answers to you earlier but for reference I am putting them all together once again:

1. What is God? – God is the Infinite source of Energy that we are all made of.

2. Where is God/Energy? – God/Energy is everywhere within all matter including me

3. Who am I? – I am Energy. I am God

4. What did Bhagavad Gita mean by saying Everything is Maya or Illusion? – It means, what our senses show us is only the illusion of the solid matter or material but the real energy or the soul is never seen by us. Thus we live in a world of sensory based perceived reality or illusions. (MAYA)

5. Who is everyone around me? – Everyone is God/Energy which is me, so we are all ONE only our form is different.

6. Why do I feel bad when I hurt someone? – Because I am not hurting someone else I am hurting myself at the level of Energy.

7. Why do I feel good when I Love & make someone Happy? – Because I am loving and making myself happy at the Energy level

8. Why is Forgiveness important? – Because in the form of another person I am only forgiving myself at the Energy level

9. What do I deserve? – I deserve everyone and everything as they all are me, the same Energy

10. Can I control my Destiny? – Yes I can make my own destiny by controlling the frequency at which I vibrate.

These answers got me really excited because now I knew the meaning of God, I knew how I am connected with God, I knew my connection with everyone and everything around me now.

Here is the most important learning I had which is the real reason for writing this book. I learnt that as per like attracts like we can attract anything we want if we only learn how to control our frequency.

That is if I learnt to consciously vibrate at the frequency of a rich & happy person I would attract a rich & happy destiny.

This realization opened up unlimited possibilities for me and I was extremely excited about it.

The next chapter will explain the actual law of attraction i.e. Like Attracts Like.

If you like the first chapter please remember to share this Blog with your friends and leave a comment to share your experience.

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      Excellent information,…a must for all to read!

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      One of the finest motivational guru you are inspiration for each and every one of us

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      I am eagerly waiting for the book 🙂

    • Eric Dsilva

      I read the book The Secret before I read your blog, but I did not get a clear picture of the word “frequency.” Now, after reading your blog, I have finally understood the word “frequency” that was mentioned in The Secret. Deep down I was expecting someone or something to help me with my question, and the universal energy brought me face-to-face with your blog; a classic example of “frequency.” Thank you so much for being my mentor.

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      I loved this passage from your book.

      Does you book also available on google books. If yes please email me the link.


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        Apologies for answering your question so late, somehow i had missed it completely.

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    • srushti

      it is just amazing but i have a question that in gita it is said that you shld not keep any desire then only you can attain moksha… and law of attraction is for fullfilling our desire.. so what is ryt… and meera bai was able to see god and her death was also a miracle wht abt that ?

      • Ramhari Gholve

        Mitesh is great.

        • Mitesh Khatri

          Hi Ramhari,

          What you said is accurate.

          The Bhagavad says don’t live in Desires because having desires means you think “you do not have what you want”

          And how can you attract what you think you don’t have!

          Law of attraction works on the principles of “feel as if you already have it” and live every moment in fulfillment. Thus you don’t live in desires you live in fulfillment.

          That’s what Meera did, she never desired Krishna. She always felt she already has Krishna in her heart.

          You see now Like Attracts Like. she attracted what she already had, Krishna in her heart.

          The skill is to learn to live in absolute faith, absolute satisfaction, absolute gratitude that you already have what you want.

          That is why Moksha is not something you achieve its a way of being.

          Hope this answers your question.

          Apologies for replying so late to your question, it was indeed a pleasure answering such a beautiful question.


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