I practice immense Gratitude for everything that i have in my life, ….this beautiful nature,  the rising sun, chirping birds,  fresh air,  food that my mother cooks for me,  love and care that my parents give me, the support my wife gives me, for my work and many more things. Feeling appreciated, blessed and happy makes our life more colorful and worthy.

Have you ever thought that one simple positive attitude can change your life? Yes, it’s the Attitude of Gratitude that has magical effects on every aspect of our lives. I want you to know 4 simple ways of experiencing the Attitude of Gratitude through some examples, based on my personal experiences and some shared ones. Start with any one of these and i promise you, it will change your life, it did change my life:

1. Morning Gratitude session

Kick start your morning with some positive thoughts and kind words. Take out few minutes to think of the good things and people you are thankful to. You will be surprised how easily you will find a big list of people and situations to thank and feel grateful. How amazing to start your day this way, right!


2. Be grateful for the difficult times

There is no denying that we all have difficult times, when we are stressed from personal problems, workplace and other social issues. We bust out our frustration and anger by yelling at someone, especially at someone who’s very close. Instead of this express gratitude for the difficult times. Look back in your life and you will realize your difficult times have only made you stronger and better everytime. So next time you face a problem, just start with saying “Thank You”


3. In critical tragedy, be grateful for the life you still have

I met several people saying that their life is very miserable, full of problems and struggles. But honestly speaking we all have problems, but complaining and feeling self-pity is not the solution. The solution is to focus on what you have and feel blessed & grateful because you will attract what you think of most.


4. Stop thinking of what others have, be grateful for what you have

It’s a very common human behavior to look at the achievements of others and feel jealous, leading to downgrade all what they have. You start moaning about your job calling it not-your-dream job, the car you drive isn’t that luxurious, your friends have better gadgets than yours and so on… But, you forget about those billions of people living in worse situations than yours, the people with no shelter, food and clothes, people who don’t have a job and are finding it very hard to fulfill their basic necessities.

Just think about those people and their lives, and be thankful for all the things you have in your life.


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