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Welcome to the Free Law of Attraction Training

Welcome to your FreeLaw of Attraction Mastery Training!Congratulations on starting your Law of Attraction Mastery Training. After this Training you will be a completely different person.You will have the ability to control your own frequency, to control what you...

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1. Basic Law of Attraction

Welcome to your first and longest lesson in your law of attraction training. Take the time to watch this 3+ hours of video in small installments.This video will cover many basic topics like:What is the Law of Attraction?What is the Science behind the Law of Attraction...

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2. Clarity of Frequency

Clarity ExerciseAfter watching this video lesson make sure you do the Clarity Exercise. Think, make a choice and write down exactly what do you want to attract in your life.If you don't choose your own frequency, then you can't control what you attract. So take the...

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3. LOA Lifestyle

Simply reading books or practicing once in awhile is not enough. If you want to be a true Magician in this world of Magic then you must make LOA as your Lifestyle. Perfection is not as important as Consistency, so don't worry about doing it perfect just practice LOA...

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4. Feeling Frequency Control

Remember that our Feelings are vibrations with a particular frequency. By law it attracts its exact matching frequency to you. If you are feeling negative it will attract negative frequency towards you form all directions of life.So it is important to take control of...

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5. Thought Frequency Control

Our Thoughts are the most potent form of Energy. It is also the most powerful and the fastest form of energy in the Universe. If you learn to take control of your thoughts, you can take control of your frequency and thus you can take control of what you attract in...

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6. Emotional Intelligence

We dive deeper in the Feelings lesson today, by understanding how to become emotionally intelligent. Watch this exciting video where we learn simple, powerful and step by step strategies to take control of our emotions.

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7. Primary Questions

In this video you will learn about a technique that can give you dramatic control over your feelings. It is a technique known to very few people so get ready for another secret of Law of Attraction.PRIMARY QUESTIONSThe quality of your Feelings are controlled by the...

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8. Emotional Action Signal

All our Emotions are a signal to take a certain action. When you don't take the appropriate action, your emotional signal gets stronger and stronger.Although if you take the appropriate action, your emotional signal disappears. After you watch the above video lesson,...

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9. Change Feelings Instantly

This is a Life Changing Video on How to Change your Feelings Instantly. If you practice and master this technique you will have ultimate mastery over your emotions. So I suggest you schedule 2 Hours to go through this video lesson at one stretch and with full...

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