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Welcome Message

Welcome to your 1-YearLaw of Attraction Mastery Training!Congratulations on starting your LOA Mastery Training. In just a few months you will be a completely different person.You will have the ability to control your own frequency, to control what you attract in...

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17. Manifest in Harmony with the Laws of Universe

This is a very special video which will explain how to Manifest in Harmony with the Law of Universe.You must always remember that Law of Attraction will never work in Conflict with the other Laws of Universe.If LOA is not working for you, it's most probably because...

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16. Acceptance vs Expectations

Today we are going to talk about what to do when there is Delay in your Manifestation. Do you Accept what you are getting? or do you wait and Expect what you are Manifesting? As usual share your learning's and also ask your questions on the Facebook Group.

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15. Create a High Self-Esteem

This one Video lesson can Double your Happiness in just one day of practice. You will not only learn how to increase the power of your Attraction. But most importantly, you will learn how to be Happy when you are not able to Attract something. The real Secret behind...

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