Belief is one of the strongest frequency that creates your life attractions. When you strongly believe in something, you literally create that into reality.

Law of Attraction works on the formula of FTBA as if you already have it. Which you need to Feel, Think, Act and Believe that you already have it.

Thus in this Video lesson you will learn about:

  • What is a Belief and how is it created
  • What are the types of Beliefs
  • How to change Beliefs

Let's start with What is a Belief & How is it created: A Belief is nothing but just a Thought. But when a thought is repeated multiple times, it becomes a Belief.

For an example, if you tell a Child, you are Bad at Maths and repeat this thoughts many times, it now becomes a Belief. Even though the child has the potential to learn Maths, he/she wont be able interested in Math because of the Belief "I am Bad at Maths"

Thoughts become even stronger when you find references to believe it is True. The more references you find, the more you believe in somehting.

What are the type of Beliefs: There are 2 type pf Beliefs, Limiting/Negative Beliefs and Empowering/Positive Beliefs.

How to Change Beliefs: There are 4 simple steps you can use to change your Beliefs...

  1. Recognize your Limiting/Negative Beliefs
  2. Create a New Belief in the form of a Affirmation
  3. Repeat this new Belief/Affirmation loudly and emotionally until you believe in it
  4. Find References to realize this Belief is True

Do share what beliefs you changes after watching this video lesson and help other magicians to change their beliefs too.

Keep Manifesting Magician 🙂

Your Coach & Partner in LOA Mastery

Mitesh Khatri