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This one Video lesson can Double your Happiness in just one day of practice. You will not only learn how to increase the power of your Attraction. But most importantly, you will learn how to be Happy when you are not able to Attract something.

The real Secret behind the Law of Attraction™ is the Power of your Self Esteem. But most of us don’t really understand the complete meaning of Self Esteem. SO let’s with that…

What is Self Esteem? – Self Esteem is how you Feel & Think about yourself, irrelevant of what you have or don’t have, whom you have or don’t have.

Self Esteem can be simply measured on 2 levels: Low Esteem and High Self Esteem. And thus you must understand the definition of both these levels of Self Esteem.

What is Low Self Esteem? – When we are Dependent on External Situations and People to make us Feel Positive (Happy, Secured, Satisfied, Loved, Confident), that’s Low Self Esteem.

What is High Self Esteem? – When we are able to Feel Positive about ourselves, irrelevant of what we have or don’t, irrelevant of who loves us or does not, that’s a sign of High Self Esteem.

Law of Attraction™ does not work in our favor when we have a Low Self Esteem. But LOA works in full speed when we have a High Self Esteem. And if we are unable to attract something (which will happen) we still continue to vibrate with Positive Emotions because of our High Self Esteem. As a result we are able to handle failures and attract success inspite of it.

So how we create a High Self Esteem? – Here are 5 simple Action Steps to improve your Self Esteem:

  1. Self Esteem Affirmation – Morning and Night keep your right hand on your Heart and say “I Love Myself the way I am, irrelevant of what I have or don’t, I Deserve to be Happy irrelevant of who loves me or not.
  2. Mirror Exercise – At-least once in a day you MUST look in your eyes in the Mirror and say “I Love You, I will always keep you Happy because I Love You.”
  3. Spend Time with Yourself – At-least 5 mins everyday, spend time alone with yourself. Make yourself, your own Best Friend.
  4. Do What Makes You Happy – Love yourself by doing what you Love to do, do whatever it takes to make yourself Happy.
  5. Stop Doing what you Don’t Like to do – Do your best to reduce doing things that you don’t like or things you hate. Stop doing things just to make others happy or to look good in other people’s eyes.

I am sure you will practice the above actions steps and master the law of attraction. So Congratulations for a Very Very Very High Self Esteem 🙂

Do share how this lesson changed your life and feel free to ask your questions in the comments below.

Congratulations Magician!

Mitesh Khatri

Your Coach and Partner in Mastering The Law of Attraction™

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      Thank you sir

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      Thanks a lot Mitesh. The video is come at the right time for me. Thanks to both of you.

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      Thanks a lot Mitesh.

    • Amit

      Super video. Let me promise to myself to practice and change the way I feel. I am moving to high self esteem. Thanks Mitesh.

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