Law Of Attraction Coach – Mitesh Khatri

In this video we will understand how to use Law of Attraction™ to attract money & wealth in your life. It is not an accident that Rich people get richer while poor people get poorer. If you understand how Law of Attraction™ works, you consciously attract a lot of money in your life.

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    • Ansshuman Jain

      Hello Mitesh and Indu I really find it very hard to act like rich when I have to struggle for few money. When I have bills in my hand and can’t pay them and every morning and evening lenders rings dor bell….

    • Neeta Parate

      Dear Sir,
      I am using LOA, from last 1yr.
      previously I was not aware of all these things but my Money blueprint was excellent, I was always having surplus money in my life after spending a lot but in last 1yr I left my job, closed down my school both things with serious reason.
      Now get into training but somehow lacking for money. Doing manifestation every day even using it for small things remain happy and motivated but starving in for surplus why?

    • Ashwin Bhavanikar

      Thank you Sir for the video. All your videos are life changing. But the best part are they urge us to become a better person. Thanks again.

    • Dipak Lodha

      Hi Mitesh,

      It has been long since your last session on how to attract money.

      Eagerly waiting for the new one.

      Dipak Kumar Lodha

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Yes i apologize for the delay, next video coming soon, i promise.


      Hi Mitesh
      I saw this video again, really awesome video and due to this I always feel abundance in money area, like I never thought much while spending for my family or in helping others, but in my biz I m not attracting much money, may be due to the reference I got that we need to take more action.
      My husband handle all the money management of house.
      We are having some investment and loan too.
      When ever he cribs about money, I say to say thanks what we have and have feeling of abundance but he says ” I will give u my salary and u manage the expenses then have feeling of abundance ”
      We are thankful for many things in whole day but want to have more money in my biz and his job too.
      Thanks for helping

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