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How to use Law of Attraction™ to attract your Life Partner. A lot of my students have already found their life partner, don’t miss this video if you want the same result.

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      Hi mitesh
      Help me understand loa for myself
      I am deeply in love with a guy… now my parents dont like him as he does not have a good status when compared to ours. So i manifest that we are getting married and will settle in a beautiful 400 sq yrd house with his family. But my parents are searching for a life partner for me and his family is also doing the same. We are not in touch and i am depressed and uneasy all the time. I try and manifest everyday morning and evening bt i donot feel gud also we are not in touch and i want his family to b rich and settle in a big house and then v get married. Can i manifest it?? Is it possible for me to manifest it?? If yes how to i help myself wen whole world around me is asking me to forget him.. wen whole world wants to get me married to someone else

      • finddeepshikha

        I see in this case problem r at ur side nd u love this person. I guess u can take actions boldly talk clearly to ur parents. I think guy family will flexible if u will take decision.. I clearly see here actions are missing… the problem would have been bigger if other party would have been rich and u did t have solutions. I guess u must be bold and make ur agreeing that u got to talk parents and u will marry this person only.

        • finddeepshikha

          Congratulations for ur marriage with love of ur life darling. Be bold.. Take decision.. no matter what is this person does..or status is u will marry this guy….. Congratulations once affair

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