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As usual first I want to ask you the most important question: Did you Manifest today? If not first do your manifestation and only then watch this video lesson.

One of the reasons we are unable to control our Thoughts is because we are used to thinking in extremes. Which means, we either think too much positive or we think too much negative.

I call this Imbalanced Thinking.

Life is made of both Positive and Negative. But the moment we get imbalanced and think too positive or we think too negative about anything, we start feeling imbalanced.

A Magician never ignores any frequency, the magician thinks about everything. That is why a Magician can control reality because he accepts and embraces the realty of positive and negative both.

After watching this video lesson do the following exercise: Identify situations or relationships where you feel imbalanced. You will realize that you are either too positive or too negative about them.

If you are too positive, then start writing the negative aspect of it. If you are too negative then start writing the positive aspect of it.

The moment you clearly think about both positive and negative at the same time, you balance your thinking automatically. As a result you start feeling balanced and start attracting a balanced life.

This lesson is not easy, it takes time to understand, so watch the video couple of times. Ask a lot of questions on the Facebook group and I will respond asap.

I promise you, if you use this technique and practice Balanced Thinking, your life will never be the same again. Use it and share your results in the comments below.

Happy Manifesting and Balanced Manifesting 🙂

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