Did you do your Manifestation for today? If not, do it now and then watch this video.

In order to Take Control of your Thoughts, we must reinforce the following 2 lessons:

  1. Take Responsibility for your Thoughts - This is the foundation of Law of Attraction and thus I have explained Responsibility in the earlier videos as well. ​But we have to keep practicing this lesson in order to Master Law of Attraction.
  2. Change Body State - Control your Body to control your thoughts, this is the fastest way to change your thoughts and feelings.

The more you take responsibility, the more you can change your thoughts. So whenever something negative happens in your life, ask yourself these 2 responsibility questions: What did I do that didn't work for me? What can i do now to change my results?

Now its time to learn about how do you Stop Negative Thoughts and Start Positive Thoughts. There are 3 simple steps that can help you become a master of your thoughts.​ Here are these 3 simple steps:

  1. Awareness - In order to change your thoughts, first you must be Aware of your thoughts. So everyday, get used to asking yourself this question: What am i thinking which is creating this feeling or situation in my life? Always keep a list of your negative thoughts so that you can be aware of them.
  2. Question and Doubt your Thoughts -  You don't have to live your life caged in your Negative Thoughts. If you can start doubting these thoughts and make them weak, then you can be free of these negative thoughts and stop them.
  3. Choice - Now start new thoughts by making a choice. Yes, you can choose your own thoughts and be the controller of your own life frequency. Create thoughts which have never been created before, don't be a follower, be a leader, think something new.

So make a list all your negative thoughts, right now and start doubting them and choose new thoughts to change your frequency now.

I look forward to get some great news from your about which negative thoughts have you stopped and which positive thoughts have you stopped?