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All our Emotions are a signal to take a certain action. When you don’t take the appropriate action, your emotional signal gets stronger and stronger.

Although if you take the appropriate action, your emotional signal disappears. After you watch the above video lesson, make sure you recognize the action required for your emotional signals. Recognise and act on it so that your emotions serve their purpose.

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    • Ashir

      Now at the end of this chapter We have quite a few options 1) Emotional Habit by change feeling instantly by interrupting it and changin it by either image / dialogue or physiology and 2) being aware of emotional intelligence & taking action and Lastly there is being Gratefulness with positive sense of what universe is trying to teach me and visualising the ideal scenario .

      Could you please elaborate when to use which technique assuming we are getting angry from a particular person because that person didn’t do the thing which is supposed to be done in different manner . Repetitive similar mistakes leads to Anger and being frustrated , making a person impatient . How can we not expect right work from the peer , subordinate and Infact spouse also . Your book ” Awaken the leader ” also states stop claiming and blaming and become responsible . My ignorance but Somehow I am not able to thread it all . Could you please help in this .

    • Ashir

      I just saw the thought control video and somewhat got the answer to my query and let me practice this and see if it works .
      However if you want to comment on my above message feel free to as that would help me becoming a magical personality .

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Yes i just read your earlier message. And yes the thought control video is the exact answer to your question.

        Nothing in the world has the power to make us angry unless we make the meanings required to feel anger.

        Situation + Meaning = Emotion.

        Since the meaning is in our mind, we are responsible for our meanings. So the steps i suggested in the video are MUST for you…

        1. Take Responsibility for your Feelings and Thoughts (Meanings)
        2. Now Creates new meanings to create new Feelings.

        And remember don’t focus on creating right meanings, focus on creating empowering meanings which help you feel in control of your thoughts and your life.

        You deserve to be happy, you deserve to create your own thoughts. You don’t need to live with the thoughts you have learnt from your past experiences.

        So take control by taking responsibility and create the thoughts you need. Don’t be normal, be A MAGICIAN 🙂


      Hi Mitesh, I just watched your awesome video regarding Emotional Habits and how you can change these instantaneously. Now, I have a fear of flying and this Emotional Habit got instilled in me due to a real bumpy flight that I had couple of years ago. So, now every time even if I think of flying, I get scared and I remain so till the time I am actually in the flight. And during the flight, I am almost like a nervous wreck with slightest turbulence scaring the hell out of me. So, every flying experience is a nightmare for me as of now. My question is that while I think I can change my emotional habit of feeling scared between the time I book a flight and I actually get on to that flight, can I actually make my flying experience stress-free and pleasurable? I ask this because this Emotional Habit seems to be too strong for me to break! Please guide.

      • Mitesh Khatri

        Yes Abhishek it’s very easy to control your emotional habit. Just follow the steps with me in the video, you’ll be surprised how easily you will change your emotions.

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