This is a Life Changing Video on How to Change your Feelings Instantly. If you practice and master this technique you will have ultimate mastery over your emotions. So I suggest you schedule 2 Hours to go through this video lesson at one stretch and with full focus.

​Watch This Preparation Video

Before you start the actual Video Lesson, write down what negative feelings would you like to stop, in which specific situation and which positive feeling would you like to replace it with. Here are some examples for you:-

Negative Emotions To Stop





Feeling Bad

Specific Situation

Waking up in Morning

Public Speaking

In-secured at Office

Past Relationship Failure

People Criticizing you

Positive Emotions Replace



Secured & Certain

Grateful & Hopeful

Calm & Confident

When we are stuck in a particular negative emotion, it is because we are stuck. We are stuck in what I call a Emotional Habit. There are 2 kind of Emotional Habits:

  1. ​Positive Emotional Habits
  2. Negative Emotional Habits

Once we are stuck in a Negative Emotional Habit, it takes over our life and attracts negative frequency at full speed. Most of us use Will Power to change our feelings but will power can't help you change your feelings, you need to understand what is the science behind it.

​Emotional Habits are Made of Things

Remote Trigger-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Emotional Reaction

Whenever the Remote Trigger and Emotional Reaction is practiced for long enough, it becomes an Emotional Habit. All our emotional habits are practiced and thus they are habits.

Our Remote Triggers are made of 3 Things:

  1. Internal Images
  2. Internal Dialogue
  3. External Situations/People

You can either Destroy your Negative Emotional Habits or you can Create new Positive Emotional Habits.

You can Destroy your Negative Emotional Habits by Interrupting the Signal between the Trigger and the Emotional Reaction. If you interrupt the signal long enough, the trigger gets destroyed.

You need to Interrupt and destroy your negative emotional habits because they create negative frequency and negative attractions in your life. So here is how you interrupt them.

Step 1 - Make a Decision to Destroy your Negative Emotional Habit once and for all. Decide to stop living life with that negative emotion. Unless you make a Decision you cannot truly interrupt your negative emotions.

Step 2 - Close your Eyes, recollect your Remote Trigger and quickly Interrupt the signal so it never creates the emotional reaction. Repeat this exercise at-least 5 times without a break.

Now you can interrupt your Trigger using 3 things:

  1. Internal Imagination
  2. Internal Dialogue
  3. Physiology

For an example, think of a person makes you feel upset, close your eyes and imagine this person with a Donald Duck Face. Also add some Internal Dialogue by making him/her talk like Donald Duck. Now change your Physiology by shaking your head rigorously and saying Brrrrrrrr.

​If you interrupt the old trigger even 3-4 times, the old emotional reaction does not work simply because the old remote trigger is destroyed. So essentially the negative emotional habit is destroyed.

Similarly you can ​use your internal imagination, internal dialogue and physiology to create a new positive emotional pattern. Here are some demonstrations of our group members who were present during this recording.

As usual do remember to comment & share your experience below. I hope you are getting the value you expect from this Online Mastery Training. Take Care and keep creating Magic.