Law Of Attraction Coach – Mitesh Khatri

Welcome to your Free

Law of Attraction™ Mastery Training!

Congratulations on starting your Law of Attraction™ Mastery Training. After this Training you will be a completely different person.

You will have the ability to control your own frequency, to control what you attract in your life. You are about to begin the most valuable training of your life.

Get ready to Transform your life, get ready to attract your dream life, get ready for Abundance of Happiness in your life.

Just remember that this is not a Crash Course, its a 1-Year long Mastery Training.

Here are some MUST Rules to follow in this Mastery Training:

  1. For best results follow all the lessons in sequence
  2. Make a lot of notes while watching the training videos and note all the questions that come to your mind
  3. This is a FREE Online Training not Personal Coaching. So remember, NO Calls, NO Sms, NO Emails, NO Whats-app and NO Personal Chats on FB.
  4. The Facebook Group is NOT ACTIVE anymore since this course is Free now.
  5. For personal one-on-one coaching you must call and take an appointment with Indu only.

To start your mastery training, you MUST first complete the Basic Law of Attraction™ Training as Lesson 1. You will not understand many things in the following lessons, if you don’t complete the basic training.

If you have already gone through my basic LOA Training only then you can move on to Lesson 2.


Can i get Personal Coaching?

This is a FREE Online Training so personal coaching is not part of it. Personal coaching is charged at Rs 5,000 please contact Indu for an appointment if you wish to.

How do I get Access to FB Group?

FB Group is Deactivated since the Course is Free now.

Is it necessary to start with Video 1?

No all the Video lessons have Independent Value, so while it is recommended, it is not necessary.

You may watch any Video Lesson and yet you will learn a lot.

Will Mitesh respond to Emails/SMS?

No, Mitesh will not respond to any questions on Email, SMS or Phone.

Will Mitesh respond on FB?

No, FB Group is a Community where participants will support each other.

However Mitesh is passionate about supporting LOA members so he is mostly active on the group.

How many Videos can i expect?

You can expect a Total of 17 Video Lessons. All of the lessons are now Free and ready for you.