Law Of Attraction Coach – Mitesh Khatri

2 Stories Why #CorporateLeaders are conducting #Firewalk to Inspire their Teams:

It’s been 15 years since I started Firewalk as part of my Corporate Leadership workshops. Since then more 3,00,000 corporate executives have done the Firewalk with me.

Yet i see more & more Corporate Leaders demanding Firewalk to inspire their teams. Here are the top 3 stories for this growing demand:-

1. Believe in Yourself & Achieve the Extraordinary – One of the best Corporate Leaders i worked with is Neerag Garg when he was COO of Piramal Healthcare.

He wanted his team to believe in achieving an extraordinary goal. What his team had done in last few years, he wanted them to achieve in just 1 single year of FY 2009-10.

It was his idea to use Firewalk as a tool to make his team believe that they can do anything of they just believe in themselves.

More than 2,400 team members walked thru fire with us and the result was astounding. That year they achieved in 1 single year what seemed like an impossible goal. Ofcourse the credit goes to Neeraj for thinking of doing Firewalk when it was really required.

2. Energize to Grow Beyond Past Limitations & Failures – The Biggest Challenge for Corporate Leaders is to inspire their teams especially after a series of failure experiences.

Deepak Mathur was once heading a team in Convergys who had failed to achieve their target 3 months in a row. He realised they are a team with great potential but they were simply stuck due to their past failures & mental limitations.

It was his insight to Energize his team with the Firewalk Experience & help them grow beyond their past limitations.

All 300 members of his team walked on Fire with full Energy and once again the results were extraordinary. Immediately that month they achieved their target, next month they surpassed their target and the third month they broke all past records of their company.

Ofcourse the credit again goes to Deepak for believing that his team could walk on fire on breakthrough all their past limitations.

If you are A Corporate Leader and inspired to do the Firewalk for your Team, check all details here…