In my workshops when I say “Don’t Give Up” many people tell me, Mitesh it’s easy to say that but how do we do it when even our destiny does not support us?

If you have this question too here are simple steps to keep you motivated and not give up:

  1. Decide to achieve your Goal believing everything is possible
  2. Stop complaining about what you don’t have
  3. Focus on what you have
  4. Work hard and prepare yourself to win

But I know it’s easy to learn and take inspiration from true stories of heroes rather than simple “how to” steps. So here is a story of a man who implemented all of the above steps and became a Hero in a country called Hungary.

Karoly Takacs, the man who never gave up!


He was in the Hungarian Army and was a great shooter. In 1983 karoly was the top pistol shooter in the world and was expected to win the 1940 Olympic Gold Medal scheduled in Tokyo. But a few months before the Olympics, during his army training a hand grenade exploded in his right hand leaving him handy capped and incapable to participate in pistol shooting anymore.

Any person in his place would have complained how destiny is against him and would have given up forever. But not Karoly, he had decided to achieve his goal no matter what. He used the first step I have mentioned above: He decided to achieve his goal believing everything is possible.

Then he stopped complaining about what he didn’t have i.e. his right hand. He decided to focus on what he did have i.e. his left hand.  Then Karoly worked for many months and prepared himself to win the 1939 Hungarian National Shooting Championship.  When he arrived at the Championship, many other shooters said they were sorry for him to lose his right hand and congratulated him for having the courage to come and watch the championship.

Karoly responded saying “I didn’t come to watch, i came to compete” and then he shocked everyone by winning the national championship with only one hand and that too his weak left hand. But he didn’t stop here, continued practicing hard for the Olympics. Unfortunately the Olympics for 1940 & 1944 were cancelled due to World War II. Due to this he had crossed the optimum age to compete in Olympics.

But he didn’t give up! He decide to achieve his goal believing everything is possible, stopped complaining about his age, focused on what age and strengths he had and worked hard to prepare to win. As a results inspite of the disadvantages of his age being 38 and having only one had, that too his weak left hand, yet he won the Gold Medal in the 1948 Olympics in London and repeated winning the Gold Medal in the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki.

If he can do this so can you, so don’t give up!

Hope this story inspires you to make an example of your life, all the best!

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Don’t Give Up!

Mitesh Khatri