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Topics covered in this eBook:

1. Be Yourself, it’s the fastest way to win people’s heart
2. Understand people before you seek to be understood
3. Create Familiarity, that’s what people look for all the time
4. Consider your Boss as your Customer
5. Consider your Colleagues as Friends not as rivals
6. Understand & Meet Expectations, that’s the key to relationships
7. Set expectations about what you want from the very beginning
8. Understand & Meet their Psychological Needs to win their hearts
9. Know them at a personal level, then you know them fully
10. Master Listening, the foundation of Communication
11. Master Questioning, the ability to have great conversations.
12. Be crisp in your Communication or be ready for confusion
13. Build Trust through Commitment & Communication
14. Accept your mistakes & apologize gracefully
15. Give feedback effectively so you can inspire people
16. Receive feedback proactively, or you will remain blind
17. Remember to appreciate people generously
18. Conflict are necessary, learn to manage them
19. Use Conflict Management Styles consciously
20. Use polite communication when you don’t like something
21. Don’t be jealous of people’s success, be happy for them
22. Create happy & exciting team moments, to create a bond with your team members
23. Don’t gossip with people or about people, it kills your relationships
24. Sometimes go out of your way to help people achieve their goals
25. Sometimes give people the opportunity to help you, ask for it
26. Never blame people, take Responsibility for your problems
27. Be a Forgiver not a Hater, wouldn’t you like this from others?
28. Say NO when you don’t want to do something, it’s OK to do so
29. Develop a pleasant & patient personality
30. Remember that your work is for your Family, not vice-versa

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