Develop the Motivation to Lose Weight & Keep it Forever.

If you are interested in learning how to lose weight then there are 2 challenges that you might be facing already:

  1. Either you are not able to gather the motivation to lose weight
  2. Or if you have lost weight, then you have probably gained weight again

I have created this Free Online Training with the intention to help you to not only lose weight but also to keep it forever. Now you may be thinking what makes me an expert on weight loss?

One I am a Behavioral Trainer so i understand what it takes, to change human psychology in any area of life. Secondly I personally have lost 10 Kgs & 4 inches in waist in just 50 days. Besides this, i have been able to condition myself to Exercise Daily, Eat Healthy Everyday & I am getting stronger in my physical strength everyday.

In this training I am about to share the extraordinary 7 Steps to Lose Weight & Keep it Forever which I have personally used and got results from. But before I share those 7 steps with you, I want to first share about the 2 most important aspects of Weight Loss:

  1. Expert Diet+Exercise Plan
  2. Psychology

The first reason why people fail in weight loss is that they don’t hire an Expert Dietitian & Personal Trainer for Exercise. Most people keep doing trial & error by:

  • Using their own brain for common sense diet plans which never work
  • They take diet tips from people who have never lost weight (such a bad idea)
  • They search for diet & exercise plans (waste of time)
  • People take weight loss tablets, weight loss powder. (False hopes with side effects)

But all these things will never help lose weight & maintain forever. You MUST hire an Expert Dietitian & Personal trainer for a Customized Diet + Exercise plan. There is no substitute for this, period!

At the end of the Psychology Training I will help you get an Expert Dietitian & Personal trainer.

The second reason why people fail in weight loss is because they never work on developing the Psychology for losing weight. So even if they hire an Expert Dietician & Personal Trainer, after sometime people lose motivation instead of losing weight. After years of trying to lose weight, people give up on themselves and promise themselves to never get convinced by any other weight loss plan ever. (Although they do get tempted by some more)

If you have not developed your Psychology, you can never develop your Physiology. This training will help you understand the science of building a completely new psychology to support your Diet+Exercise Plan. This training will give you the ability to remain motivated not only for weight loss but also to maintain your ideal weight forever. (Exciting ha!)

Following are the Steps 1, 2 & 3 to Lose Weight & Keep it Forever in audio format so you can download & listen to it at your own convenience.

Once you have heard these audios and implemented the steps in it, leave your comments here regarding what you have learnt. After 2 days i shall post the rest of the 4 audio lessons.

Step 1 – High Energy Audio

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Step 2 – Decisions & Reasons
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Step 3 – Identity & Standards
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Now Raise your Energy, Make a Decision & Raise Your Standards 🙂

Mitesh Khatri