Hello Friends,

We proudly invite you for our magical workshop “Law of Attraction – The Secret” which can help you gain Abundance of Health, Wealth & Happiness.

Law of Attraction says, you can Achieve any Desire you want, if you learn to Vibrate at the frequency of your Desires. But very few people in the world know how how to change their vibrations to attract what they want. That is why the law of attraction is also called as The Secret.

In this workshop you will learn the secrets of how to use the Law of Attraction to your advantage and thus gain access to Abundance of Health, Wealth & Happiness in your life. 

This workshop is for you, if you want to change your vibrations in the areas of Money, Relationship, Work, Personal life, Professional Life or Career.    

In this day long day workshop you will learn… 

  • What is manifestation or law of attraction?
  • How does Law of Attraction work?
  • What are different techniques of Manifestation?
  • How to apply Manifestation in every area of life?
  • How to Attract the Life of your Desires using Law of Attraction?
  • Dos & Don’ts of Manifestation.

To register please call Indu NOW on 9011061619/05. This email invitation is sent to more than 500 people and since we can accommodate only 20 participants, book your seats right NOW.

Other logistic details are provided below…

  • Date of workshop – 7th April 2013.
  • Workshop timing – 9am to 2pm.
  • Fees for the Workshop – Rs. 500 only
  • Venue of Workshop – B2 Kumar Elixir, Near Hotel Green Park, Baner road, Pune-411045.
  • Please note breakfast and lunch is not included.

Please contact Indu on 9011061619/05 or email on mail@miteshkhatri.com to register.

Live with Passion

Mitesh Khatri