Simple Tips for Anger Management by Mitesh Khatri

‘How do I control my anger?’, is one of the most frequently asked questions I have come across in my career,  and it wasn’t just limited to employees, who have recently joined a company or to the company’s managers/top officials.If you can relate yourself with this situation and somehow you frequently find yourself fuming in anger….ahhh!, you certainly need to manage your anger.Anger is a healthy emotion, if we deal with it in a positive manner, this can do wonders; on the other hand, its chronic or explosive stage may lead to some serious consequences for mental, physical and emotional health.

Here are 8 simple yet effective tips for Anger Management:

  1. Dare to take Responsibility – We must dare/ have guts to take responsibility of our own anger. What we think, what we feel and how we take things/situations is completely our choice. So, stop blame others for your anger. Taking responsibility is the fastest & most practical way to manage anger.
  2. Accept your Anger – Our mind has great tendency of generating angry thoughts very frequently, but don’t criticize or judge your anger. Your defensive attitude towards your anger works as a fuel to fire, just accept your anger and you will see its fire diminishing.
  3. Communicate Assertively – Most of the time anger is the outcome of conflicting expectations between people; like managers expect dedication and discipline from employees, and employees expect lenient and flexible attitude from their managers, and when these expectations don’t meet, it causes frustration and anger. The best way to deal with conflicting expectations is to practice assertive communication i.e. communicate your point of view respectfully and have a healthy discussion to resolve the conflict.
  4. Empathize with People – Empathy skills, is one of the most amazing ways to deal with anger. Empathy means get into other people’s shoes, understand how they feel, understand the cause behind their actions. You will be surprised how you treat people when you empathize with them rather than remaining in a angry state of mind.
  5. Forgive & Accept people – One thing that you should always keep in mind and believe is that everyone has some good qualities, specific work techniques and ways to handle things. So, in a manner we all are competent to perform better in the future. If failed to do it at some occasions that doesn’t make us a bad person, it just makes us human. Learn to forgive and accept others and yourself, its human to make mistakes.
  6. Read/Listen/Watch Self Help Material – Self-help and spiritual literature have positive impact on your insight, which help change your perceptions about others and situations. It enlightens your wisdom, helps you grow spiritually and enables you to manage the frustrating situations differently. Google & Youtube & my Blog are great places to find self help material.
  7. Meditation – Regular mediation calms your mind, makes you feel so relaxed, stress free and more aware of your inner self. One doesn’t have to make much effort, just 15 minutes a day can make a difference. You simply need to sit quietly in silence, relax your mind and feel the peace. This helps you react calmly in odd situations.
  8. Awareness – Finally practice to being aware with yourself. Our pampering mind easily & unconsciously gets on the old track of habits; therefore, you simply need to note down the frequency and intensity of your anger and their reasons. Try to analyze these and ask yourself, are they really worthwhile/ sensible..??? Gradually, you will start feeling the positive effects of this simple practice of awareness.