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Dear Friends,Think of 3 names whom you consider as Great Leadership examples? some common answers I get are: Ratan Tata, Narayan Murthi…

Now think of 3 names whom you consider as Bad Leadership examples? some common answers I get here are:

  1. Asaraam Bapu
  2. Politicians
  3. Hitler

Names in both these categories people are financially very successful and also gained huge name and fame in their life, yet why some of them are great leadership examples? why are some termed as bad leadership example?

Here is the difference: Great Leadership examples are people who focus on Leadership Values while Bad Leadership examples are people who focus on Social Values.

Leadership Values

Social Values








Gain Credit

Team Work

Make an Impression

Social Values are all about achieving success by hook or crook where as Leadership Values are about achieving success by principles. That is why people like Ratan Tata are willing to incur loses but will keep still keep their commitments. Because great leadership is not only achieving success but achieving success in the right way.

Ask yourself what do you focus on most of the time? Do you focus on Leadership Values or Social Values? In our culture students are pushed to study in the field which gives maximum financial benefit. Employee are mostly focused on their personal growth and appraisals. Businessmen are mostly focused on profits more than quality. Most people are focused more on material success compared to being a good honest human being.

When I learned of this the first time I realized that even I used to focus a lot of Social Values. Since then I made a choice to focus on Leadership Values and give more importance to values like Happiness, Honesty, Integrity rather than values like Success, Promotion, Making an Impression, etc.

So ask yourself what you focusing more on? Then make a conscious choice to focus on Leadership values if you wish to be a great leadership example!

Do share your views in the comment section below and share this blog with friends and family to spread Leadership Values.

Live with Integrity

Mitesh Khatri