Law Of Attraction Coach – Mitesh Khatri


When you hear or see big leaders like Narayan Murthy, Azim Premji, Ratan Tata, Sunil Mittal, what does it inspire you to become?

If you are like most people you are inspired to be as successful, wealthy and powerful as these leaders because that’s what we admire about them. Listening to their examples we are inspired to think big, desire big and cant wait to achieve the kind of success, wealth & power they have.

This is a huge flaw in our thinking!

All of these leaders focused less on their success, wealth, power and focused more on their values as a leader. Here is what I am trying to say…Leadership does not come from Power, but Power can definitely come from Leadership. So don’t be ambitious for success, wealth and power, be ambitious to become a great leader, a great human being.

How many people look at leaders like Gandhi’g and say I want have the simplicity and courage of Gandhi’g? How many people look at Ratan Tata and say I want to have his Commitment, Hard Work and Vision? How many people look at Narayan Murthy and say I want to have his Humbleness & Integrity?

Rather people look at them and say I want to have their success, wealth, fame and power. What we don’t realize is that they were great leaders first and successful much later. So if you want to admire these leaders, then admire them for who they are, not what they have achieved! Because what you achieve depends on who you are.

So in this short message today my invitation to you is that from today onwards focus more on Leadership vs Power. When you see great leaders, admire and get inspired to become great human beings like them and power will follow you anyway. Remember 3 Idiots? Rancho said, don’t run behind success, do what you love to do, become a great person and one day success will run behind you.

SO what do  you say? ready to focus on being a great human being, a great leader rather than focusing on being a great success?

Do leave your answers in the comments section below. So unlike most people I wont end by saying ‘I wish you all the Success in life’ I would rather say ‘I wish you all the great leadership qualities in life’

Take Care!