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Hi Friends,

Lot of people have been asking me how to weak up early? They want to get up early thus they try strategies like:

  1. They even set up an alarm but in the morning they feel lazy, sleepy and keep snoozing the alarm
  2. Sometimes they just cant hear the the alarm and they keep sleeping
  3. They ask friends or family to wake them up and even get irritated at them in the morning in a sleepy state
  4. They tell their pillow to wake them up but sometimes their pillow does not obey their command

If you are also unable to get up early then today I will share with you a technique which will give you the power to wake up whenever you want and that too without any external help.

Waking up early is not a conscious process, it is a process controlled by your sub-conscious mind. Thus simply using will power of the conscious mind wont help, you must program your sub-conscious mind to wake up early. If right now you are facing problems in getting up early that’s because your sub-conscious mind is programed to get up late thus your conscious mind struggles in the morning.

So what do we do? Like I said earlier, we learn to program our sub-conscious mind to wake up at the time we desire. Here are simple steps to do so just before you sleep at night:

  1. Make a clear decision of the time you want to wake up
  2. Set an alarm 1 minute from your current time
  3. Now lye down, close your eyes and tell yourself “When the alarm rings I will wake up feeling fresh and excited to start my day”
  4. The moment the alarm fires, get up with a bright smile feeling fresh and awake and walk towards your bathroom with the excitement to start your day as if it is already morning
  5. Repeat steps 2-3-4 three times, then set the alarm for your morning wake up time and go to sleep again telling yourself “When the alarm rings I will wake up feeling fresh and excited to start my day”

What you are doing here is a physical rehearsal and thus programing your sub-conscious mind to wake up early. Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this exercise, in-fact the power of this exercise is in its simplicity. So try it out tonight and do leave a comment here after you have got successful results from it. I promise you it will work, try it!

Have a great day




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    • Mansoor Hasan

      I do not have problem in waking up in the morning; the problem is going to sleep. Although my eyes become droopy at night, still I cannot sleep for hours. Please help me getting my instant sleep back.

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