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There are 2 most important areas of our life; Personal & Professional life.

Some people are very successful in their personal life. They have great relationships in their family, they give them a lot of time, be there for their close ones when it matters the most but they are struggling in their professional life.

Then there are people who are very successful in their professional life with great skills, growth and ambitions but they are struggling in their personal life. Majority people live their life in this imbalance between their Personal & Professional life. 


Only few people learn to practice the 4 Rules of Balance in Personal & Professional Life. Thus they create success in both their personal and professional life.

What is the meaning of creating balance in life? Does it mean to always have time for your family as well as work? Does it mean a perfect division of your time between work and home?

NO! Balance is not about perfection. It is best described by Einstein as  Albert Einstein“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your Balance you must keep moving”.

If you put your body weight too much on one side or the other you will get imbalanced and fall down. So the trick to balancing is to distribute your body weight equally on both sides as much as you can.

Are you 100% perfect in distributing your body weight on both sides? NO your body weight is always shifting a little bit on each side more or less.

If you have ever seen a person walking on a rope they are slightly but constantly moving between left and right but they keep moving to maintain their balance. Now let’s use these examples to understand what it means to balance in life between our personal and professional life.

Here are 4 Rules to Balance Personal & Professional Life:

  1. Don’t give too much priority to any side, neither your work nor your family or you will get imbalanced and create failure on one side or another.
  2. Consciously maintain your priority to both aspects of life as much as you can.
  3. Don’t expect perfection, you will keep tilting between work and family and make wrong decisions once in a while, just keep trying to prioritize between both
  4. The most important rule is to be in the moment and focus on where you are

When you get up in the morning don’t think about work, focus on your family and give them quality time. Once you reach office don’t think too much about your problems at home just focus on work.

When you reach home again in the evening focus back on your family. You might have some phone calls from work, take them but keep them short and refocus on your family.

The trick is to keep shifting your focus between both constantly. If you stop and complain about one side more than the other you will be out of balance in no time.

Daily make small sacrifices, sometimes say No to your work and sometimes say NO to your family, there is no perfection. If you make small sacrifices everyday you won’t have to worry about those few days when you have no choice but to tilt more on one side.

Because if you keep your work and family members happy on a daily basis, make small sacrifices for both everyday, then once in a while they don’t mind when you get too much on the other side. As they known that your imbalance is temporary, they are not insecure.

The problem gets intense when you try to be perfect at work and sacrifice too much at home. Or try to be perfect at home and sacrifice too much at work. This is when you create insecurities on both sides of life.

Remember the trick is to keep moving to create balance in life and don’t worry about perfection. To make sure you remember the above rules, just write them on a piece of paper and put them in your office and home where it is most visible.

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How will these 4 Rules to Balance Personal & Professional Life help you? How will you use them?

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Happy Balancing 🙂