Probably at some point of your corporate career, you must have been involved in a team building practice. And such practices are not necessarily required to be at your workplace in a formal way. It could be a bright day on the golf course, a weekend retreat or an afternoon at the climbing mountain learning to trust ourselves and each other.

Have you ever noticed, what happened when you and your colleagues enjoy and returned to a team building practice? Did all of you get back to your usual behavior? – Like refusing, arguing on small projects, or backbiting?? ‘A fun day’ could be a pleasant break from day-to-day silly stories, but did any of your teammate actually get inspired and reflected into his actions what lessons he learned during team building practices once he got back to workplace?

Oftentimes, managers plan team building or recreational activities on unrealistic grounds and with blurry ideas. Usually, this results in infertile and worthless planning. It may risk a manager of losing respect and trust among his teammates.

Team building activities are the most effective means to unite teammates, develop skills and address weaknesses. But, it can be possible only when practice is planned and executed strategically. Simply, we can say that there should be a practical purpose behind your decision to carry out the exercise. For example – any puzzle solving or designing recreational activity, rather than just for the sack of organizing it.

I am writing this blog with an intention to make you aware of potential advantages of team building training and programs. For more information on different team building and corporate training programs you can log on to

  • Develop Skills

Team Building exercises are perfect ways to learn and develop new skills within healthy workforce and work environment. The best way to develop new skills is to select and organize activities that can be easily customized to highlight the skills you actually want to develop rather than practicing many skills in a single exercise. You can focus on conflict management, leadership, collaboration, problem solving, creativity and more. Make sure that the selected practice will bring out a good return on your investment by delivering desired results.

  • Reward personnel

These activities are opportunities to motivate your teammates by rewarding them for accomplishment of an assignment or job. The simple appreciations like ‘Thank you’, ‘Good job’, ‘Well done’ have magical blows. Ensure that the chosen activity is fun and conducted somewhere outside workplace.

  • Increase motivation

A little fun time away from the workplace, doing something amusing goes a long way. When it comes to motivating personnel, then team building activities are more like worthy investments, which brings you outstanding returns. “All work and no play make John a dull boy!” – Such simply admiration can make a big difference.

  • Improve communication

Most of the team building activities encourage and highlight the importance of communication in between teammates. They learn to share laughs, experiences and problems. This sharing develop deep bond between them and get to understand each other on professional and personal level. It has a positive impact on the work environment and business productivity.

  • Improve teamwork

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime”. – Babe Ruth. The better and improved teamwork is the foremost benefit of team building activities that helps an organization to achieve its objectives.  A customized team building exercise requires mutual participation of all teammates to achieve a common goal that leads to effective team work.

  • Highlight strengths and weaknesses

Nobody is perfect, everyone has his/her own individuality that reflects in his/her weaknesses and strengths. Some people may stand out when it comes to logical problem solving, some may struggle with creative challenges or some may have creativity in their genes. These activities can easily highlight the positive and darker sides of an employee. The person can work on his negative part and make it shine with little efforts. As it is said that – “The past is the proof that no one is perfect and the future is to prove that everyone can change”.

  • Build trust

Trust is the root that builds and keeps an organization alive, trust of employees on company and their strategies and company’s trust on their employees, is what makes an organization strong. Trust is important within the workplace and is co-related to employee commitment, staff morale, company loyalty and turn over. Team Building activities are the most effective ways to develop and maintain trust between personnel through a shared experience.

  • Happy workforce

According to a research, a company is considered as a “good place to work” on the basis of its employees or team delivering outstanding performance and results in the market. Such recreational activities play an important role in making employees feel content and develop healthy work environment.
Team Building practices are great fun, and they keep a serious aspect and benefits as well. To get most out of them, make sure that these training sessions are light hearted and pleasurable. With the pure concept of “T.E.A.M” (Together everyone achieves more) I am wrapping up my blog, hope you have enjoyed it thoroughly. Like and Share with your friends and people who can benefit from it. I am accessible on my website, Google and YouTube as well.